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  1. my keys have decoded from my car and i was told something about using lock buttons on my key to recode them while sat in the car but the guy couldnt remember procedure... any1 able to help me out here please. i need my car back..
  2. yeah same code has come bk on!
  3. i have changed air filter and exchanged breather pipes and hoses. had the light switched off but days later it came back on again...... any 1 shared this problem before?
  4. ditched the standard e46 bumpers for new m3 style 1s. and added black grills with carbon badges. and finally brought my self some new 18 inch wheels instead of 17 inch. while i had em refurbed i also went and treated myself to have em dipped in graphite!! more pics in the gallery go take a peek!
  5. hey sam! how r u? i aint been on here for some time, but done few mods on my motor if u wann go hav a peek. left old 1s up 2 see difference.

  6. maffia27

    few new mods!!

    new m3 style bumper. black grills and new wheels dipped in graphite!
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