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  1. its a cheap car with the spec it has, but u know wat people are like they think ur going to giv it away. Iv had 2 people walk away just because of wings n bonnet. They forget it's like 14 yrs old an done 210k, Not the fact it's well maintained and drives like a 50k car. Egay 151627448889
  2. Im selling my 330d touring and am in 2 minds whether to get front end resprayed , due to stonechips on bonnet and new wings paint quality not as good as rest of car or leave em as they are. Obviously car is worth less as it is but would it b worth much more with front end sprayed, would buyers think its been in a bump ?
  3. 210000, 330d touring still goin strong
  4. B9SLJ

    My 330d

    Pics of my touring
  5. My 330d does the same, its programmed that way by bmw, nothing to worry about
  6. 530d if it was me. The torque is addictive:)
  7. Fitted new hinge to rear hatch on my touring today, easy job and now my glass opens and stays open as it should
  8. Yeh bout right i go to london and back on 50quid, which is 280 mile round trip from where i live. Btw my car is 330d auto.
  9. Take it back to the specialist who looked at your oil and ask them to do a diagnostic check on the car it could show a gearbox fault, which might just need resetting if your lucky .
  10. Could be a problem with the lock up clutch slipping within the torque converter, might be worth having a diagnostic done on the gearbox.
  11. Yeh a diagnostic would definitely be the cheapest option to try first.
  12. Hi, it could be the transmission failsafe mode kicking in, whilst the gearbox oil is cold, try having the gearbox oil and filters changed first, approx£80, but could mean your torque converter is on its way out. I had a similar problem in my x5, not a cheap fix cost me £1000 to have fixed.
  13. 2001 330d touring hit 190000 today.
  14. You can get superglue debonder/remover from screwfix. Unsure what it would do to your paint tho.
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