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  1. well mechanic said those where completely fine and no point changing them thanks for the help
  2. well i was told that the last owner must've hit the propshaft against a speed bump hard or something and one of the parts was loose and propshaft could fail anytime soon. yeah great relief, thought i would've have to pay a lot more
  3. propshaft needs to be replaced completely, managed to find one in a scrape yard in good working condition for £60
  4. Actually driving know it was vibrating a lot under acceleration need to take it asap to the mechanic. Hopefully it wont be very expensive
  5. The clunk i have when changing gears yeah you can feel it in the car. The rattle you hear in the video it vibrates a bit yes but not much. Worried
  6. been told it can be the prop shaft. What do you guys think?
  7. Will have to check that thanks. but dont you think it should have been detected by the mot garage? its probably a more expensive job than the bearing so dont think they just want to trick me,. apart from those symptoms theres a loud squeak under low-medium acceleration from rear-right side.
  8. Well this car just doesnt seem to stop giving me problems. thought i was gonna fail cause i have a worn diff bush as another mechanic told me and this garage that i took the car for the mot didnt even name it Rear wheel bearing has excesive play nearside rear. The problem i notice when driving the car is that its difficult to keep it straight, wobble a lot. Actually thought it would be the diff bush... any opinions from you guys would be much apreciated
  9. Naa. Think i will try 12mm rear and see how it goes
  10. Awesome thanks! Yeah will probably try 15mm front and 12mm at the back.
  11. Hey guys so planning on getting some hubcentric wheel spacers. Was thinking of 15mm all around but as i’m on adjustable coilovers dont know if I would have problems. Leaving a couple of pics of how low the car is now. Actually at the back is a bit higher now since changing rear shocks. Anyone can give me any ideas? Thanks
  12. Can you guys tell me what you think ? Personally i think its very expensive. I mean it aint on a franchise dealer. Car is a 320cd coupe 2004 Rear Diff | There are four bushes which are worn - We need to remove the diff, drop the sub frame, and disconnect the shock absorbers and rear control arms. Cost of fore replacement bushes is £36.75 each 5.5 hours labour to remove and reassemble £495.00 OSR Track rod | cost of part £ 36.88 Labour to replace | 1 Hour | £90.00 Top Strut Mounts | cost of parts | £38.90 Labour | 1.5 hours each slide | £270.00 Gearbox Mount | Cost of part £187.21 Labour | 1 hour | £90.00 Thanks for the help
  13. Checked below just know and the grease or oil still humid didnt dry out. Havent turned the car on since 2 days ago. Theres nothing on the floor makes me think it might be grease. Taking it to the mechanic first thing in the mornihg
  14. https://www.imageupload.co.uk/image/Ek2a https://www.imageupload.co.uk/image/Ek2N https://www.imageupload.co.uk/image/Ek2s
  15. Well i have a lot of knocking noise in the left front wheel since a few days ago dont know if it has anything to do woth it. Saying its oil mainly because its black but not really sure . dont know why its not allowing me to post photos of it you can see them here: https://imgur.com/a/YIgXt
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