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  1. Wow, this place is dead. All fuses good. Ive changed the relays in the module box thing, in the hope it was them. Also did the battery in the key, purely as I’d already purchased one. No change.
  2. Also its says Central locking system (only touring) 49, 52, 58, 60 I don't have a 25amp fuse in location 60 in my E46 Touring?
  3. Hi there guys and gals, So my central locking remote has stopped working, I initially thought it was the key battery, but I've since learnt that the car won't lock all the doors with the key in the door, nor by hitting the button in the car. This has been the case since I got in it on Saturday and the battery was dead in the car.... Coincidence?? Any thoughts, I'm at work at the moment, I thought about checking the fuse for the central locking, but didn't really want too as yet, in case the central locking module was causing my flat battery issues.... I'd rather have a working car that I can't lock, than a lockable car that won't start.
  4. Indeed. Oh and my battery had got low again upon returning to the car today, with a brand new battery fitted.... thought the worst, but it seems I should pay more attention to my interior light.... I had a certain 4 year old helper the other day who I specifically asked not to touch anything inside the car..... how did I not notice it on?? :/
  5. Oh and just in case someone was reading this with the same problem, it was the egr stat that was the issue, I’m glad I did both, but the engine stat that was on there was working perfectly. For ease, take the egr stat off first and see if you can blow through it.... if you can, it’s stuck open... I should have done this first. :/ Check your new egr stat by blowing too, you should be able to pass a little air, but not loads.
  6. Well after a nightmare with a flat battery, now fitted with a new one. Reading 12.2 ignition on and 14.1 ish when running, I can assume the alternator is healthy and charging the new battery? New genuine stats fitted too, Car needle now sits at 12 o’clock, and reading 88/89 degrees.. So I think, my nightmare of an introduction to bmw’s is over for now... I hope! Supposed to be driving to Scotland from oxford on Monday... best go give it a really good run.
  7. Yeah for sure, lesson learned, I just hope it fixes the problem. Took it for a test run earlier, it gets to around 58-60 degrees, quarter way on the gauge and no more.
  8. Yeah it’s got the egr stat, I also changed that one for a non gen part. Ive just ordered two genuine bmw stats, I’ll whack em in midweek and see how I get on.
  9. It’s a classic sign of a duff engine stat right? sod it, I’ll order some gen ones and report back mid week.
  10. No sir, that’s where I believe my problem lies. :/
  11. Could I have put another dead stat on? ill do the temp test thing tomorrow, see what it reads digitally on the dash.. pretty sure it’s running cool
  12. Hi there, new here and first time owner of a bmw e46 53 plate 320d touring. I recently got the car, and noticed when driving the temp gauge only got to quarter way on the gauge. Ive just done the stats (engine and egr) and bled the system as per the procedure I read on here countless times. On the driveway the car get to 12 o’clock on the gauge and blowers are lovely and toasty, great right, all fixed??..... But when I take it for a drive, the gauge barely gets over quarter, and even fluctuates about between the first 3rd of the gauge, it drops when I come off throttle and go round a roundabout etc?? What’s that about? I should note I’m running it with no engine covers and no undertray as I was checking nothing was leaking... I can’t see how that would affect it tho. Is there a CTS on these cars that could be playing up? What should I check next? Have I put another duff stat on? help please. roach.
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