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  1. alright guys - Hope you're all well? Bought the Mrs a potter about last month e46 325i (02 plate) vert with 13,000 miles on it (must be a record right?) bearing in mind she doesn't drive a lot and uses the merc 9 times out of 10 I'd be surprised if it ever does more that 1K miles a year whilst we have it. Long story short when growing up she didn't have very many pennies and she always wanted one of these so I got her the best example I could find. It;'s going to stay in the stables from here on in apart from the odd usage, Never get rid of it like I wont my e36M3 (25,00 miles in techno violet vert) or my csl as they're surely only going to go up in the market. Question is will the e46 rocket like the e30? As it's the last clasic BMW shape to exist before they started to look like a club foot?
  2. could the MOT station not give you a fix? Sounds to me like the CAT might be f**ked allowing unspent fuel to exit the exhaust (which is a pretty cheap fix) easilt get on Ebay for not that many pennies. In future book it into a council run MOT station though (pro tip) as they're not allowed to carry out any work so will pass a car if it's a pass and not f**k around with niggles or work ( they do taxi's etc but you can book in with them) . As they can't do work they will normally only give you advisories and not fails on any test....
  3. If only that Tyre next time you take the car out of a run feel the alloy too see if it's hotter than the rest. too me sounds like (because of the pressure loss) like you might have a sticking break caliper - The heat generated will cause the tyre to loose prssure under the heat.... Quick and easy fix just had this on the back right of my mrs vert - Nothing wrong with the alloy or tyre was a sticky (binding) caliper
  4. 10/10 when you've got a bad cell (battery) the clocks on the e46 look like Michael J fox and jitter to f**k when trying to start the car. looks insane when you see it!
  5. XRI 4i is a beautiful machine buddy - owned for 30 years it must be mint?
  6. it's not a proper car if it doesn't drink fuel faster than you can earn it 330 touring is a sweet sleeper mate, I'd recommend doing what I did and putting a 316 badge on the back and seeing a lot of surprised w****rs on the M-way I've left the 325 on the mrs vert and put a badge 316 on my csl for s**tts and giggles, albeit the csl had only done just over 2200 miles since 2010....
  7. what MM do you want the disc's at? As there's no need to go for the likes of brembo if it's only a few mil over, Is it the look you're going for or driving on the roads like a bellend?
  8. The Auto's are bombproof if not ragged on every journey, Personally i'd never drive a manual ever again (haven't for 12 years). Albeit it's swearing on here most of my auto's have been clk63 and c63 amg's (still got all 4 of them) the stigma with auto's going bad went out in the 80's. take the ease of not changing gear over the retards stuck in the past saying auto's are no good, the gear change on an auto bimmer is smooth as you like and a pleasure to drive Edit: if you're going to remapp anyway sack the 330 off and go for the M3 no point remaping a work horse, I've got some monstrously high hp cars but when (if we're not on santa pod or a track day) do we ever get to use it, my ethos after spending 000,000's modifying cars is style over speed and the e46 and 36 are beautiful as they are.... No point adding an extra 35bhp on a remap on a 330 to still get twatted by a focus ST... unless people are into that?
  9. Cotswold BMW are you kidding me? those w**k artists down in Cheltenham not only systematically f**ked up my 7 week old m3 back in 2005 I had to take them to court to get myy money back after it popped it's headgasket! brand new car you'd never expect it. Story goes - My new m3 overheated so got it towed in, they said it was the thermostat had welded open. Nope... after that was replaced started to drive home, overheated again, replace thermo again, drove home again trailer again costwold BMw again you get the picture. Long story short the bastrad sounded like a tank, took it back in and some young apprentice started it up and started revving it even though I told him not too... Engine droped it's conrods with a load bang and a ching ching ching round the side of Cotswold BMW. I get told when I asked the what the f*ck had gone on that the guy who started and was revving the car was a 17 year old apprentice and therefore wasn't insured to do warranty work and COSTWOLD bmw were not responsible as the insurance didn't cover it and he wan't insured to carry work unsupervised. Needless to say i got my £48k back through court after 12 month but I'd stay well clear of those w****rs.... period...
  10. After you've run this beast in you've gotta try it with aT66 Hybrid - contact forged down in gloucester about an anti lag system and this thing will sing (as long a you can squeeze the T66 in to the space
  11. I'm Loving the ginger tom in the picture man - We've got two house cats and they're into everything! Loving the build, I've got a 6mps that's now at 595bhp (wheels) on the dyno.... You'll have a lot of fun in this no doubt"
  12. i called my indie and called him a d*ck head when he told me it would be £156 for a battery on the vert! ECP had a 50% DISCOUNT CODE ON THE GO so cost me peanuts, i'm guessing they were going to charge me £60 to fit the f*cker! the e46 engine's (most of them) it's cheaper to take them to a land rover specialist as it's the same Pissing engine (how bads that) I'm waiting for the mrs to either get bored of this vert of for the engine to pop as I've got a highly modified 2jz i wanna try and shoehorn into the bastard
  13. This guy at the garage was an utter fool - In his own words (which forced me to laugh in his face before he'd even looked at the car) "If i take the caliper off and can't get it back on" - Wait wha.......?! If you can't get the caliper back on? "Yeah we might not be able to get the caliper back on the car" My only response to him was - Do you want to repeat that again and hand me a tea bag whilst you tell me this time? - Looked at me puzzled - Because you must think I'm a F*cking Mug. To which end about 3 people in the waiting room started to snigger. I've never heard such rubbish in all my life, shame is they get away with doing this 7 days a week to unsuspecting people! Sharks
  14. Thanks mate, Yeah I thought it looked like they had put clear (Toyota esq) coolant into it. The cars had zero problems, no overheating, no leaking or sign of leaking and my next door neighbor (Diesel fitter used to work for Landrover) said it looks like some idiots bled it when hot. I've got a mechanic coming tomorrow to sort out the back right caliper so I'll get him to do a full coolant change tomorrow whilst the cars with him. Thanks for the advice mate, last thing i'd want is for it to overheat on the Mrs whilst she was pottering about in it.
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