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  1. Yes, its almost finalised, now i am doing a coarse and fine processing of 3d printed cover which mounted with display in vent, and bit of programming work
  2. A bit new design of data displaying. Added adaptations reset, roughness of engine work, patrol lambda adaptations. For cars with automatic gearbox available gearbox page with ATF temp, engine temp, engine rpm and turbine rpm
  3. Update. Added intake and exhaust camshafts position at main screen, also added vanos information screen, added 0 - 10 bar oil press sensor, and 2 bar boost sensor
  4. Hello, it will be available to buy very soon, few weeks i think, price will be about 300$, easy to plug: 3 wires in obd socket, 2 wires to instrument cluster, and power +12 and ground.
  5. Hello everyone, i want to show you device i have made for bmw's with m54 engine. This device can display actual data, like: RPM, Mass Air Flow, Ignition, Injection, Radiator temp, Intake Air temp, both of knock sensors, actual speed of your vehicle, also it can measure acceleration of your car, and you can force open thermostat and switch e-fan on if you need (by pressing button on the screen). Also it have ShiftLight option like m-perfomance steering wheels. More you can watch in the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iL96O3C85I&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXJorZ90GGQ&t
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