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  1. Hi thanks for reply car started reving on it’s own had it plugged in and fault was cam shaft sensor changed that and that’s when it started making the clicking well sounds like a chain bit loose so that led me to the timing chain tensioner. the clock thing keeps happening think it mite be a relay. But new problem now is got a new timing chain tensioner and the head has rounded off 😤😤😤
  2. Hi guys having problems surprised...... Didn’t think so lol right had my cam shaft sensor changed once done started it up to a tapping noise like a loose chain now the handbrake light on so is traction control and only speedometer working very strange bin looking on forums and come up with that timing chain tensioner needs changing does this sound like a problem anybody has had possibly another problem altogether with the clocks ?? i just don’t know pulling my hair out as my only car 😩 thanks for your time
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