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  1. I've got a generic bluetooth OBD which I can connect to my Surface Pro using the Gendan Enginecheck light software. Obviously it only does the engine ECU. Is there any software that I can also read the fault codes for the traction control and ABS as these lights have now come on.
  2. I've seen a few threads on this but just thought I'd make my own little contribution. Fitted one of these yesterday: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bluetooth-Music-Hands-free-MP3-CD-changer-adapter-BMW-E36-E46-Z3-Business-radio/111573317902?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2648 Plugs in to the back of the existing head unit and allows you to listen to music from your phone and make/receive phone calls...... all pretty standard stuff nowadays and it works really well, even with the steering wheel controls. I just wondered if anyone has used it in conjunction with PLEX? I've got a home media server running PLEX with all of my music on a NAS device hard wired to every room in the house, but what I can also do is (with a decent data allowance) stream all of my music to my car via the PLEX app on my mobile.... that's literally hundreds of CD's that I can access through my mobile and stream to my car stereo. Quite surreal having it on random play, this morning, on my drive to work I went from Matt Monro to Slipknot and lots in between......... Couldn't decide whether to cuddle my colleagues when I got in, or stab them!!!
  3. Just bought a very nice looking 330ci but it does appear to have a small coolant leak from the thermostat housing and the auxiliary belts look on their last legs. The steering wheel is ever so slightly cocked too, which is a pet hate of mine. I usually do all of my own work, but I'm currently doing an engine and suspension rebuild on my classic, so off to the indi's it's gone. They've come back to me with a little list and a price of £500+VAT replace aux belts replace aux belt tensioner(s) which were noisey apparently replace radiator hoses replace thermostat gasket 4 wheel laser alignment I've instructed them to proceed as I'd budgeted as much to get whatever car I got sorted, but just wondered what you thought of the cost? Pic's attached...... everyone loves a bit of photowhoring right?
  4. Hello all. Soon to be C330ci owner looking forward to contributing. I found the bimmer.work web site where you get a list of the factory spec and noticed that my car's production date was October 2002 but the date of first registration on the V5 says June 2005. Is this common? The car isn't an import....... Thanks in advance.
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