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  1. Ello ello e46 newbie checking in. Just bought a silver 2004 facelift 330ci vert, with 45k on the clock. I'm based in Leeds, UK, and am in the honeymoon phase (two weeks since purchase, no problems yet discovered). Only niggle is that the car has no service history (!?) - but the previous owners have obviously worshipped it - no rust, mint bodywork, interior borderline faultless, runs beautifully, sailed through MOT and full service last week. Hoping someone might recognise the car and help me out with some SH intel. Anyway, here she is. Roll on the summer sun. Paul
  2. Morning all, I am the proud new owner of a 2004 330ci vert. It has just 45k on the clock, is in near mint condition, runs beautifully, but has no bloody service history at all. The vehicle has clearly been worshipped so I'm convinced that the SH is out there, somewhere, and am trying to track it down. The garage I bought it from acquired it direct from BMW, who took it in part-ex, without the service logbook. It was originally purchased in Cheshire somewhere, and I'm contacting garages in the area etc. Given its condition, it's possible that the previous owner was a forum member, so wondered if anyone recognised it? SH aside, I'm delighted. It has just sailed through its MOT with no advisories and has also had a full service (rear bushes replaced) last week. Under the circumstances, and thinking as an e46 newbie, is there anything else I should get checked? Paid £5.5k, which felt reasonable. You may disagree? Also interested in the forum's opinions on potential future value, and whether this would be impacted if I replaced the rather quaint nav/head unit! Thanks everyone for any input
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