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  1. CS was an expensive 330 rather than the cut price M3 that BMW should have made it. It wouldn't be a car worth keeping as an investment IMHO. Thhat said I suspect values will be and stay a little higher than a standard CI.
  2. What make brakes have you gone for? My Touring needs new discs soon.
  3. Car looks nice but it sounds like its kept you busy. Rust is a killer on E46s.
  4. Is there not a function to stop you doing this built.in to the ECU. Even with the ASC off is it ever fully off? Sounds veru much like a feature to stop you wrecking the clutch. I had a Focus that would do this in any gear other thsn 1st even with the traction control off. It made it very difficult to drive in the snow.
  5. Try finding a good E36 328! Decent E36 328i Sports have been going up for a while now. Values weren't far off E36 M3s a few years back. I think that now many manufacturers have dropped 6cyl engines from their line up, excluding halo models like the M3, values of good 6 cyl BMWs are going to strengthen. I personally don't think values are linked to the availability of M3s, but that's just my opinion. I don't think my 330i Touring will be worth a fortune in the next 5 years but I don't expect to lose any money, so long as I properly maintain it and don't put loads of miles on it.
  6. Rusty arches is a problem on E46s and they all go eventually. Buy a car with as little rust as possible and then you will get a few years out of it before it becomes an issue. The cost if repairing major rust outweighs the value of the car in many cases, especially with 318s. After a few years you can then decide whether to get it done or just throw the car away. I think that in a few years values of good 6 cylinder cars will start to rise in which case it will be worth spending the money to keep tbem nice.
  7. I agree about the arches. Once rust sets in it can be expensive to fix. ES is ok. It has a few extras over the old base spec car. Type-R Honda will be as much to insure as a 330i and is a much more focused driving machine IMHO. I went from an 328i to an Accord Type-R and aside from both being 4 dr saloons with a bit of poke they were night and day.
  8. The M52 328i was strangled by the inlet manifold, hence the M50 manifold mod, and that was the most powerful variant of that engine I believe. 231bhp isn't a very high specific output for a 3 litre engine with variable valve timing. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that BMW restricted its output for similar reasons to the E36 328i.
  9. Except that an engine piston moves up and down in the bore thousands of times a minute and tight tollerances are much more impotant as it has to stop combustion gases getting past. A brake piston only moves a small amount each time you press the brakes and so long as it moves freely in the caliper is unlikely to cause a problem.
  10. I thought it might be. Not sure how a remap would work with the LPG conversion amyway.
  11. A brake caliper is a pretty simple bit of kit. No reason for it to be very expensive.
  12. I've noticed that some remapping companies are claiming gains of 25 to 35bhp from a remap. Has anyone on here had their car remapped and what were the results like? Also I'd like to lower my car by about an inch. Is just fitting a decent set of springs, like Eibach, ok or should I be looking at replacing the dampers too?
  13. I'll see how one sounds first I'll let you know how I get om.
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