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  1. few pics from Just finished my DIY Daily Diesel....yesterday, i have carried out every mod myself, including fitting and painting the kit! not to everyones taste but im happy with it!.......just need wider wheels now....
  2. the issue you are going to have if you do decide to change to anything other than black is the gear knob, i have just wrapped the coupe interior and it was a bit of a PITA to get right as dontpannic says. make sure if you do decide to wrap it you get the bubble free stuff, i bought some gloss black and when the sun hit, it just lifted and made bubbles. i now have a chameleon green / purple shift that i like and no lifting in heat!
  3. thanks for the info guys, i will leave the glows alone as i dont have fault, just wanted to change as part of the "service" do you have a link to the correct water pump and thermostat so that i can get them ordered up?
  4. thanks Momo, i have updated the title to include all info
  5. Hi All i am very new to the BMW ranks, i have had my 330D for about 3 weeks now and want to carry out some normal fixes for the car, new glow plugs, water pump etc, i have been on euro car parts, GFS and other sites to try and find the parts required, but all come back saying that there are options for the car... i don't really want to be spending money on the wrong thing, so if anyone has any pointers that would help me out that would be great, I have also read that all Manual cars came with an electric fan, and mine appears to be a viscus fan....i'm hoping this doesn't mean that the engine has been swapped, but i would like to change the fan out for an electric ASAP, again with all the different versions of the car... will a normal 330Ci fan fit the diesel or are they all different? it seems that the only bits you cant use are from the 4WD models, but again some clear up would help. i have searched through the site, and ended up in the post with a link to all the parts after putting in the VIN but got lost very quickly!. Many thanks Gary
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