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  1. Thanks for info pal I see it’s got different wheels I think they are the m sport mv1 wheels, I will look to get the original wheels for it if I can, what kind of value do you think on it as it is? 117k miles years MOT
  2. That’s the one rasa, but it only tells you how many left, 400 plus, I think silver maybe very rare, think there’s only about 6 in the country for sale, and the 6 speed box, is that standard?
  3. Hi folks I have a question about a 330ci clubsport ive just bought, i read somewhere that there was only 40 or 50 left in silver like my 03 plate, then i found a link to this site saying there was maybe 20 left, i cant find it again so just asking if theres a way to find out, i only bought it for forecourt but on reading more about it i maybe think i should keep a hold of it as an investment as looks like its pretty rare and only end up being more so, any ideas or comments will be helpful, its the 6 speed version dont know if that makes any difference, had plenty E46s but never a clubsport, thanks Paul
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