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  1. Changed the pads and discs last night and all I can say is wow... just so much rust... calipers were ok but looking rusty. Piston was working ok.. on the drive home everything felt great. Still going to get round to doing the clutch soon anyway
  2. Well I took it for a short drive to do the 5th gear test as well as some other clutch tests and it was perfect? Very confused but seeing as I'm going to be driving to get to my garage to do the brakes I'll get a better feel for it then
  3. Cheers guys, I'll be stripping the rears tomorrow anyway but I'll definitely be looking to get the clutch done anyway never know how it's been treated before I guess. Thanks again
  4. Hey all, recently bought a 52 plate 330ci sport, service history to 116k now on 137k of which I've driven a max of 150 miles... it' a weekend play thing which over all just needs some tlc. Anyway on to my issue. Driving into town today pulled off at some lights with probably around 4/5000rpm (didn't pay attention just tried to pull away fairly quickly). didn't dump the clutch but close to it. The car was moving but very slow, went to change into 2nd and it was like nothing happened no crunches or noises just revs, put it to 3rd same thing but slowly came back to speed. Pretty sure it was the clutch slipping, but the lack of problem changing gears confused me... then I noticed the smell... my rear brakes were stinking! (No I didn't have the handbrake on) there was no smell from the front of the car when I pulled over just the rear wheels... what do you guys think could be the issue Here? Seized brakes? Diff? Clutch? All of it? The reason I'm asking you guys right now is I'm aware there is a clutch delay but I'm not sure if that would be the cause. Since the moment I've had the car it's driven perfectly even had a garage check it over before buying it. I'm aware the rear disks need changing anyway which is what I was on my way to buy today.
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