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  1. couldn't agree more AVOID as i nearly got conned but luckily got my money back he is known as raja who wears glasses and stays with a bearded guy behind the shops.
  2. OMG PLEASE AVOID this company they may have shut down but however they are still doing dodgy business behind it i was sold a car and was told it was in perfect condition however when i drove the car home it was making a sound i then took it to a mechanic and was told the cars gear box is going so i called him back he was out of reach as the number could not be recongised anymore i was so upset and angry but i knew i would find him because he had messed with the wrong person!!!! luckily i knew someone who worked for DVLA i found him and confronted him he kept quiet all the way i was sooo LUCKY he gave my money back he is known by the name raja???? he wears glasses and stays with a guy with a beard behind the shop that has been closed down. (if your reading this raja or whatever your REAL name is i told you i will FIND you!!!) PLEASE AVOID as it was a horrible experience and i don't want it happening to other people, report if possible as they are stilll doing dodgy business behind it. STAY away from old margaret road or anyone who tries selling a car on that road.
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