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  1. axxaax, i knew this was coming, don't get offended, i have owned an M3 aswell, but you know i think he/she(i don't know the gender of the car yet) deserved it. As at this point i have swapped out both front and rear Subframes with the M3 ones, and including the rear Diff as that was the whole point of it. for future looking i will be swapping out the engine form the e92 the N54B30 into this build, should be killing the M3 Only time will tell
  2. UPDATE i bought a E92 to use as a daily, so i can stop driving this car and focus more on the project, as i am planning to disassemble a lot of thing to get them done & i need the car to be left alone First i need to sort some thing out with the E92 and i will be back on this project as i have biggg things come for it ------------------------------------- So... some small changes first came the snow Then i went on holiday for nearly a month, so no work was done... After i came back i needed to get the wheels aligned as i haven't done it since i change the coilovers. The day of the alignment: Then took it for a wash, as it has been sitting like that for a month :| looking way better i finally finish the interior fully, everything assembled, closer look at the center console: i decided to add some stickers :cool one on the fuel latch/door what ever its called and one in the interior to finish the look and i believe thats it for now... :cheerful
  3. Work continues... to start where i left off.. I have completely finished the Colling system then i got the alloys back from refurbishment Bough some carbon fiber vinyl, started wrapping some of the interior trim. Took the interior consol apart for reapainting, as it had some scratches underneaththe handbreak Assembled the console and Alcantara gear/hanbrake cover.... (not fully fitted/clipped in!) Got the BC Racing come in.. started assembly... also fixed the fenders as they were loose, and swaped out the left headlight with a new Xenon one. Some Pics of the day after the BC's were isntalled
  4. Okkeyyy... long time, had some time off and run into problems. First i was loosing hydraulic fluid, was leaking from the bottom and the pump was having problems, £360 for the most expensive set from eurocarparts. (no photos, was very frustrated, fix this in 2hrs next day) Then came the MAYLE Motorosport control arms with all the bushings etc.. So then i bought a new set for the rears. (265/30/19) monster tyres After the MaxSpeed coilovers started to p*ss me off, i ordered the BC Racing BR version, full set... Next my radiator started leaking.... ordered the Mishimoto radiator & pipes and expansion tank, but i canceled the expansion tank as it was discontinued and everyone reported it leaking from the bottom.. also canceled the pipes as they didn't have them in the UK so they told me that i would get them by the end of November :| ??? and went with a different brand. The Mishimoto Radiator came in i was going to originaly do this on saturday in the garage but could t wait so... Started to disassemble the car NOTE: this is how i took out the radiator! in the exact same condition as in the photo... This on 106K miles :eek i was really starting to consider of taking the whole AC system off, as i wasn't liking the look of the AC radiator is in front of the new one, i dont event use the AC its always cold in the UK.. plus save 6kg of weight :hihi lol (haven't decided yet) along the way i freshened/cleaned/resprayed some of the parts that were coming off... Then came the pipes i had to cut the rings of the old pipes in order to take them off.. and then i cleaned them up too. Took the alloys to get refurbished Interior Pic, with all the lights and Unit in. and that's really it for now i guess , just waiting on a whole new fan unit as the fan is not working too :/
  5. Some updates... started to assemble the M3 bumper... i read many threadds the way other people done this DIY, using expanding foam etc, but didnt really see that to be a professional way, so had a different idea... first thing first.. Get a new lighter Crash bumper/reinforcement bumper The next process was to take the plastic bit that was on the original M-Sport bumper that holds the reinforcement bar. The idea was to melt one plastic to the other were possible, simple melted some of the thiner bits and smudge it to the CSL bumper as you can see, to be fair it became strong then the OEM design Then simply the reinforcement bar would just sit ontop of the OEM plastic piece and be attached with the clips as it would to the OEM way. was just about to do the sides but it started raining so... Some small light upgrades Finally the 9" Android 6.2 has arrived took some stuff apart of course it wasn't a straight fit, i had to get a Climate Control Relocation Panel, and also some DIY cutting had to take place as it would not sit flush with everything.. Sorry for the image quality i run over my good phone :/
  6. Here we go again another projects (pictures before purchase) ...FUTURE PIC, ahead of this post in time!!! keep on reading i guess .... at the same time i got hold of some E92 M3/220 Style alloys F(235.35.19) R(365/30/19) Started disassembling what i could at the time. Upcoming/Planned MODS/ Exterior Carbon Fiber Vented Hood Carbon Fiber CSL Boot M3 Bumper CSL Carbon Fiber Spliter(CSL Look) Alloys Reconditioning Fender modification (M3 look) Aftermarket HID 55w smoked Rear LED's (not sure) Prior design rear bumper M3 Mirrors Interior 9" Android GPS system 6.25" 4x Speaker system 2x Bucket Seats E46 Performance Steering Wheel Other high flow Sport manifold Quad Exhaust system setup. Sport Coilover Setup(BC RACING) lightweight flywheel Power Pulley Kit Cooling System(Mishimoto) File sharing and storage made simple [ATTACH=CONFIG]218929[/ATTACH] waiting for all components to arrive as they will be sprayed at the same time.
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