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  1. Agreed this has been done for either a sub or sound processor.
  2. My M5 came from Munich Legends and obviously this one is from hexagon classics, I don’t think I’ll have to much trouble when/if I come to sell it. And tbh at the moment I can’t see why I’d ever sell it! Once it starts approaching 40k i’ll Take it to Spain keep it garaged in a nice climate with no salt on the roads, enjoy it when I’m out there and keep the miles down. I’ll let you all know how it goes next week. 👍
  3. Avalaugh, what does the purple tag mean? Does the club sport have a different ratio rack? I hated them back when I was working as a bmw tech when they were new, but after driving a nice one I really thought it felt better than a normal one. Which was surprising as I thought there were no mechanical differences. I felt the gearbox was a different ratio but I guess that was the short shifter. But overall it felt like a sportier car to drive. Maybe just the lightweight wheels but a quicker rack would make sense too.
  4. TBH mate if i was looking for a LT investment id buy something with a brick at each corner that’s gonna pay me rent The cars getting used, simples. The whole point of bumping this post was to see if people’s reactions to the price has changed since 2014. If it was still a 12 year old car today and they were asking 20k I wouldn’t be interested. Things have changed since then though, there are far fewer good e46 manuals out there with reasonably low miles and also back then you could definitely pick up a low mileage e46 M3 coupe for the same money or less. Today you can’t. I hate new cars, and I really don’t want a project. I’ve got 2 E30s, a mrs, kids, & dog, I really really don’t want anything else that requires constant attention and ££££s per year on Servicing. However I do want an older car, with a manual box that’s in mint condition, and I also don’t want a car that’s going to depreciate fast. look at it this way, what new sports coupes can you get for £17k? Maybe a really low spec Mazda mx5? Hyundai coupe? And if you bought one of them new and just put them in the garage they would depreciate fast, no? Even if you did hardly any miles. The BMW wins on so many levels. I think the car will depreciate a bit over the next few years but only in line with mileage, when e46 get to 25years old and a low mileage sport gets £20k a club sport will get a bit extra as they always have. Anyway I’m picking it up Monday all going well, I might start a new thread called “Buying a new 16year old car” and keep a log of what goes wrong or not, hopefully, at least everyone knows where the weak spots are and what to look out for but my last e46 was really good even at high miles. Don’t see why being dry stored all this time will be much of an issue.
  5. I completely agree with you Momo, they shouldn't be worth more than a M-Sport, but when things get to classic age. If there was a manual M-coupe with a low enough mileage cheaper I would take it. However, not sure we are going to have to wait as long as e30s took to go up though as the e46s are already climbing quite fast, well at least thats how it appears in the classifieds. I get it 2clubsp, My buddy with his ultra low mileage e30 M3 hates to use it now its done 35k , but he had a good few years of weekend use. (he bought it at 17k miles) but imo you have 4 categories of mileage on classic cars: 0-35k ultra low 35-70k low 70-100k lower than average 100k - High I think i can afford to do a few K miles in it before I stash it away, I plan on using it for 4-5 years then stash it away in Spain and only use when Im on holiday, Its never going to be my daily. The way I see this is that even if I use it for a few years its still a low mileage car, and by the time Ive done them the car will be a proper classic. I worked for BMW for 12 years, mostly on these cars, e46 is close to my heart, and I know e46 and a lot of other cars designed before 2000 mark the end of an era for cars, I dont want a car with plastic wings and tin foil rear qtrs. I was considering a good 60k M3 coupe, but ive owned a similar mileage M5 and the bills were ridiculous, You know It put me off a bit. Plus just like a ultra low mileage car you don't want to take it to that high mileage. Especially if you've paid a premium for a good one.
  6. Hi Momo, I know your not a clubsport fan, but nor am I really, Anyones guess to how collectable a clubsport will be but you only have to look at the price of a low miles e30 325i Mtech 2 to know there will be a market. Theres only 600 in the UK doubt many of them are still below 40k miles. Theres still thousands of M3s and where are these low miles e92/e46 m3 manual coupes for £17k you mention? when I say low miles I mean around 20k miles. Don't really think the car wants a full overhaul, been kept in dry warm garages all its life, sure some new fluids but I am hoping that it. My best buddy bought a 15 year old 16k mile e30 m3, done 30k in it, hardly had to do any work to the car. I am expecting to have to do some bushing after a bit of use but can see anything else being much issue. Anyhow I just thought it interesting that I found the conversation from 4 years ago about the car and interesting how its still same sort of asking but e30 & e46 M3 prices have soared since. I agree, what Ive done could be crazy but it could end up being genius, only time will tell. Im not looking to make money on it but it'd be nice not to lose much
  7. Just had to resurrect this thread from 2014 as I think I just bought this car being talked about! https://hexagonclassics.com/cars/bmw-330ci-club-sport-coupe-manual/ So, 4 Years later and its done 3200 miles from new. What do you think its worth now? I figure if I keep it for 5 years and put say 30k miles on it it will be worth roughly what I paid for it, certainly not much less? I think I remember seeing the car for sale back then and thinking "I could get a 20k mile e46 m3 coupe for that" thing is in 2018 you cant get a 20k mile manual coupe for under £20k!
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