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  1. My fob died today, so after a bit of research, I have bought a spare battery from Flea bay in readiness to do a bit of soldering etc etc. However, when I have prised the key apart there doesn't seem to be a transponder in it like those I have seen on Google/you tube etc. I seem to have, the blade, both sides of the shell, a piece of black plastic that goes over the middle button and the unlock button and the circuit board with battery attached. Deffo no separate transponder! So my question is, do the early keys (my 330D is a 2001) have a built in transponder?
  2. Got any pics or links please?
  3. Has anyone bought a replacement gear knob from Ebay and if so any recommendations. Seen some replica M sport ones, but sometimes it's buy cheap buy twice!!
  4. Just bought a 330D as it was too good to turn down with low miles for one of these 138K and loads of history. Usual arches (rear) that going to sort out first and then got a list that includes wheels/stereo/possible front seat swap (although the current ones have no drivers bolster wear) and possible remap. From Folkestone, Kent Pics to follow and any stereo ideas, please pm me
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