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  1. It actually turned out to be the MAF at fault, there was an aftermarket one fitted by the previous owner, an OE Siemens/Bosch one sorted it out and the problem has never returned! Can only assume the aftermarket MAF was sending a false signal to the ICV or something along those lines
  2. The code stored by the 3 lights is D3 Idle-speed control valve mechanical failure, I have removed the icv and checked it moves freely and thoroughly cleaned it out anyway, fault still persists. This is from hot starts only I should add, the car drives and idles perfectly from cold and I can drive around for however long I like (half an hour and 25 miles from cold yesterday), but as soon as i shut the engine down and start it up again while still hot and take off the lights quickly reappear within a few hundred feet and the code reappears. What is INPA and where can I get it, is it laptop only? Thanks
  3. Hi folks I have just recently picked up an e46 325i 5-speed manual, unfortunately the car has already thrown me a couple of warning lights and has stored some codes. What I am experiencing is that the car starts, idles and runs perfect from a cold start, but if I am to shut the engine off hot after 10 miles, 20 miles, 30 miles or whatever and then start the engine again after 5 minutes or so the idle hunts up and down and within a few hundred yards of taking off I get 3 warning lights and the car enters limp mode. The lights are EML, DSC triangle and amber brake (!). This happens every time I start and run the car while hot, and doesn’t resolve until it’s cooled down. The codes stored in my C110 code reader are D3 idle speed control valve, mechanical fault. The first time it occurred I had to carry on for 50 miles or so which ended up also causing a check engine light with 2 other codes stored, these were: CA fuel trim bank 1 control limit, and CB fuel trim bank 2 control unit. Yesterday I removed the ICV and checked it, it was already moving freely but I thoroughly cleaned it out with carb and intake cleaner and reinstalled it, checking for leaks in the rubber boots and that the DISA valve was functioning ok while I was at it. Took the car out for a spin for half an hour and thought the issue was resolved, but went to drive off again 15 minutes later and the fault returned with the same D3 fault code stored. Any suggestions for what to try next or where to look? I don’t want to replace the ICV without being certain that’s definitely at fault. I took resistance readings from the ICV as follows 1-2 10.6ohms 2-3 11.8ohms 1-3 22.4ohms Was planning to try running the car with the MAF disconnected next just to see what happens, would this show that the MAF may be at fault?
  4. Hi I’m James, a first time BMW owner as of Sunday when I collected my Imola Red E46 325i Sport Saloon! Have joined up here in the hope of learning the ins and outs of these cars and doing jobs on them myself, I have worked on my previous cars but have no experience with BMW’s. First issues are to sort out a check engine light which might be a vacuum leak, got a C110 code reader on the way to help me out. Also had an intermittent set of lights flash up on me (EML, DSC and amber handbrake light) randomly a couple of times, so will need those two things looked at straight away. Car is on 83,000 miles so the first things I’m planning are the CCV system, vacuum lines and hoses, DISA valve rebuild, and check the cooling system out. Is there anywhere that does forum member discounts or anything like that for genuine parts? Cheers!
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