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    E46 323ci, E30 340 v8. Merc W124 superturbo.
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    Old German cars, rock music, Big turbo diesels.
  1. I haven't put much up about this car online yet, but I have been taking alot of pics and notes as I go. I will start a proper build thread for it soon, it will be on this forum and retro rides. I haven't actually done a build thread for any of my cars for a few years, after Photobucket started ruining peoples build threads by holding our pics to ransom I lost interest in doing them. So I need to find a good image hosting website and upload a ton of pics!
  2. Thanks. The hard part is done now, just have alot of little jobs to tidy up.
  3. I will do a proper thread for this car at some point, but as a teaser here is what I've been doing during the lockdown.
  4. Gave the e46 a clean so here's a quick pic whilst it is still shiny.
  5. So to answer some of my own questions. The E36 diff wont fit the e46 subframe directly so I've swapped the guts between them. The E30 subframe is a no go. The top mounts are interchangeable between E36 and E46, I've used E36 m3 evo top mounts to get the camber correct when using the E36 front strutts. So the E46 now has E36 Koni shocks and springs upfront, along with the 315mm x 28mm E36 discs and calipers. I will need to upgrade the master cylinder though as this has affected pedal travel. I haven't got to the engine side of things yet as I'm using the car as my daily driver whilst the Merc gets painted.
  6. Just seen your message, I've not been on the forum for a while. If your still stuck with the wiring drop me a message.
  7. Hi all, just joined the forum. I'm Simon, a hgv mechanic in Buckinghamshire. Currently have a v8 e30 and a Merc w124 superturbo, looking to get a e46 coupe as my next project.
  8. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and my first post so please be gentle. I've got an e30 with a m60 6 speed swap, which I'm considering swapping the guts into an e46 coupe. The reason being that I bent the front chassis rails in a crash and it's been sitting at the back of my workshop ever since, I don't really want to repair the car as I was never fully happy with it and have lost interest in it. I feel I could do a much better job with a fresh build, having learnt alot from the e30. So, I'm looking for advice on what I can use from my old car on an e46. Can i fit the E36 diff into the e46 subframe? I've heard the e30 front subframe is better for a v8 swap, if that's true I can just swap mine over? Are e36 and e46 front top mounts interchangeable? I'm using e36 struts and m3 brakes on the e30 so would like to swap them to. The v8 engine harness and ecu is self contained, but will the e46 electrics be happy without talking to the engine? Thanks, Simon.
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