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  1. Well the remap was done, certainly made a difference to throttle response and just seems to run a bit sweeter. Would I say it is worth the cost of a remap for the difference? Probably not. Certainly more pleasurable to drive though.
  2. These were my initial thoughts, however my remap guy insists the throttle response will increase and, as he does it for me for free, I may as well find out!
  3. Lots of comments on the colour! I assumed it was fairly rare as I have not seen many this colour. It almost glitters in the sunlight.
  4. Hi all My name is Martin, a new E46 owner but no stranger to BMW (previously owned a few E30s and a V8 E39). Been driving Mercs for the past few years however following a 'downgrade' in jobs in order to get a better work-life balance I wanted a car that was sub-£4k that still interested me. This car came up locally to me and seemed to tick most boxes (except power!). The bodywork is immaculate, not a spot of rust anywhere and an inspection report from BMW dated 2017 as part of their 2-year bodywork warranty extension. Wheels could do with a refurb but I'm not desperate to get that done yet. Car has FSH but needs another doing so that's booked in for next week, plus a remap to squeeze a few more BHP and, more importantly, improve the throttle response. Has a nice alcantara interior which is in great condition. Original floor mats that have been covered by additional mats. Since I bought it last week, I have replaced the wheel centres and boot/bonnet badges for OEM versions as all were shot. Upon removing the boot/bonnet badges on the car I found they were aftermarket cheap versions anyway. Plans are to keep as clean as possible and as OEM as I can, although may upgrade to an OEM-looking android headunit as I'm not sure I can live without bluetooth audio playback. Private plates will be going on as soon as the logbook is back and the tired M-Sport gear shift will be replaced with a brand new OEM part. Few pics below, pretty pleased for £1800.
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