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  1. I did replace them a good while back, but the car was written off last September. I bought it back from the insurance co and got it back on the road finally last month, and got back into the forum again 😊 It drives me nuts following a problem thread when there's not a solution given at the end 🙄
  2. Wow, a very late update on this one! The driveline vibration turned out to be the centre support bearing, which I had replaced along with the guibo. All sorted! The wheel vibration was a properly dented rim. In fact, it dented front and rear on the nearside - amazing how much punishment they took without a single mark on either of the tyres. Both had almost completely flat sections about 2 inches long.
  3. I have a similar problem, but ive not got around to sorting it yet. Was it a genuine bmw stat that you fitted? There is a post a little further down that is similar. A genuine stat was the solution after a pattern part didn't work. I had it with my wife's TT. Non genuine stat didn't work, genuine sorted the problem.
  4. 2002 330d auto, just passed through 186000 last night. I was hoping to get at least another 50k out of him, and looking at some of these high mile heroes, I've got every chance!
  5. Cheers for that incredirog - I was thinking along the same lines of lots of protection under there. Thanks momo, that makes a lot of sense if it was already failing. I know the control arms need replacing as I’ve been getting a knock and vibration under gentle braking. I will get him looked at as I don’t have the facilities to be crawling around underneath where I live.
  6. Hi guys, first post so please be gentle! Tried searching, but maybe this is too random.. my wife went off road slightly yesterday and hit one of those country lane, dug out drainage ditches. Drove home and said all felt fine. However, I went out today and immediately noticed significant vibration at road speeds over 30mph - felt through the steering wheel and stuff was rattling in the car - and a dreadful vibration under the centre tunnel just behind my seat when accelerating heavily. Mine is a e46 330d auto if that matters. Could the guibo or centre support bearing cause these symptoms? Any advice would be most welcome before I book him in to see a specialist!
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