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  1. Hi All. I recently bought a cheap dashcam from a friend. I have fitted this up behind the mirror in my car, but want a nice tidy install and dont like the long cable running down the windscreen to the lighter socket. Can i use the sunroof brown and red cables for power? I notice that the roof still opens and closes when the engine in on, when the engine if off (key in pos 2) and key in pos 1. When key is removed and car locked, the power goes off. This could be ideal for a dash cam? Please let me know - i am keen to get this installed.
  2. Hi All. I have been offered a Alpina B3S in great condition. The car has no engine, but the Switchtronic gearbox is there. The car is in really good condition. Can anyone here help me to fit a M3 engine and manual gearbox to the car? I would love to keep this car on the road, or it will be broken for parts. An M3 engine and manual gearbox would make this car into a beast. If anyone can help, please let me know. R
  3. Hi All. My Alpina B3 has started to make a belt squeel on rare occasions. Rather than wait for it to get bad, i want to replace the belts, tensioners and idlers at next oil service. Can anyone help me with part numbers and a good place to buy these parts from? I found a video on Youtube making the process look do'able even by a novice home mechanic. Anything in particular to watch out for?
  4. Morning all. I have a 2000 Alpina B3 3.3. Its number 032 and a saloon. It was the UK press car when new. I have noticed that on occasion the belts will whine. This increases with rpm. Please can anyone direct me to a guide on how to replace the belts, tensioners, idlers etc? Ideally it will include a parts list of what i need to buy. Many thanks. A picture for you.
  5. Many thanks for reading. I have a Alpina B3 3.3 based on a E46 BMW. Its got a widescreen headunit fitted and this was working fine. I noticed that the sat nav wasnt working and bought a second hand unit from M3 cutters. This arrived and the system worked well. I even installed an Alpina splashscreen which looked really nice. I then bought a hybrid tv tuner from ebay and installed this today. It didnt seem to work, i.e. no output at all on the screen, so i replaced the old one back thinking that it would just go back to my original set up. To my horror the screen has stayed blank. The whole screen appears to go a little lighter when i put the key in, but i get nothing else at all. The radio works, but without any display. I have tried pulling fuses 7 and 41 and still nothing. I felt like i was getting all the little niggles on my car sorted and now i have gone back 20 steps. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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