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  1. Cheers mate👍 Couldn't log in to reply for the last 3 months due to some error but I did see this a while back haha
  2. So, as the title says... I give it some whilst going down a slip road for example and after exceeding 3.5/4k roughly the light will come on a few seconds later and then I let off a bit the light will go off after about 20-30 seconds if I'm under 3.5k revs. Even if I maintain 70mph in 5th gear (so will sit at about 3k revs) it'll go off after this time frame so it appears to be really specific to being upwards of about 3.5k I've checked the coolant multiple times and the level stays exactly where it wants to be so no sign of a leak. I've also bled it just to make sure there isn't an airlock but all seems fine on that front. Also, the engine temperature stays exactly where it should be the entire time even if i stay in higher revs for a longer period of time so thankfully it doesn't seem too critical! My rather uneducated guess from these symptoms would be something sensor related but what do you lot reckon? Thanks in advance!
  3. yeah for sure, the car looks amazing stock. I'd want to make it more unique but not change the look of the car too much. a change of alloys, slight adjustment to stance but nothing too extreme because I prefer comfort and then maybe a few cosmetic bits like a little lip on the front and maybe a tiny boot lip extension as to not be taking away too much from it's original form... And then TURBO
  4. Thanks! And yeah absolutely, and it keeps me busy on the weekends
  5. Yep, all standard apart from the lights, air filter and cat-back exhaust system. I bought it like that around this time last year, I plan on doing a few tasteful mods to it but nothing too major as that'll probably kill me on insurance!
  6. Hi all, Been learning to do all the mechanical bits on my 325Ci recently because I feel I need a better understanding of it all and also because it saves so much money! So far me and my trusty Haynes manual have changed a radiator, saved £200 by not taking it to the garage! But sometimes a book won't cut it so I'll turn to you real life people for some help, and I'm sure you'll hear more from me soon as there's plenty of bits on my car that need some attention! Here's a photo of her anyways
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