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  1. I am still waiting on new center caps but excitement got the better of me and i just had to get the wheels on today. Still needs settle a bit more and I think the front will benefit from a small spacer. While i was in there i cleaned and painted the caliper and dust shields but want to go back again another day and tidy up inside the arches more.
  2. Hey guys anyone have a pic of there calipers done in blue behind black wheels. going to clean up the wheel arches and paint the calipers when im fitting my new LM reps but cant decide weather i want red, yellow or blue, fond pics of the others but cant find any in in blue many thanks in advance.
  3. Got my new ( to me ) wheels painted over the weekend just waiting for some fresh center caps now
  4. Thanks @momo, Ya I knew the black wouldnt be everyones cup of tea but I always felts silver e46s can look a bit plane and need some contrast, god knows how long they will stay black or even on the car before i change my mind again.
  5. Picked these up last night, refurb should keep me busy for the weekend
  6. Hey guys I have been looking online and am getting confused by the range of prices and would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. I have just removed the standard elephant ear style power folds from my face lift vert and want to sell as cant see them being any use to me in the future, The mirrors are silver in colour with the gloss black base plates, very good condition with perfect glass and operation, prob of no use to anyone here as am based in ireland and would have to risk shipping but if anyone could give me some guidance on price that would be amazing
  7. Thanks @mark34bn but have went a different direction. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, missed your reply.
  8. Few Bank holiday weekend updates. On a recent trip to a bmw breakers I was waiting around the stores while they searched for some bits for me, a glance over my shoulder and i spotted a set of mirrors on the shelf marked as 2001 Ci, pulled them down and they had BMW branding and part numbers on them. Now I am still new to Bmw's and all the oem+ upgrades but these certinally looked like m3 mirrors to me and even if I was wrong the would be better than the square, ugly, dated elephants ears that were on her now... "so how much for these buddy?" "Is there a pair " "Yes" "ER giver me 40 bucks" Painted mirrors gloss black to match the shadow line trim and the black outlining to the windscreen, but felts there was to many tones of black on the car so refinished the grills and csl splitters from satin to glass black
  9. And the Mk4 GTi 180bhp I traded against the e46
  10. So not much in the way of updates on the E46, currently working on the coolant system ( PITA ) but time and funds seriously limited at the minute. Recently found some pics of old projects, not all of them by any means, really wish I had been better at keeping pics over the years. Mk2 Golf Gti 16v, got her as a restored to original car in great condition added coils, poly bushes, uprated brakes on front MK4 on Rear, swapped out engine ( for a TSR Unit ) and detailed, and so so much more.... Had this car for about 8-9 years and would have her back tomorrow if I could find it. These pictures were taken just after the current owners brother bought her off me about 7 years ago.. have heard that he has pulled it out of the shed and started an engine rebuild, be nice to see her out and about again. Father and son Mk1 sportline project Bug eye WRX, awesome car just not really me nice to have ticked one off 944 2.7 Lux, another father son project Bought as a cheap daily, was at a price I couldn't leave behind but surprised my self how much I fell for this car Easily the most comfortable car I ever owned Bandit 650, my first proper bike Another I wish I had never let go, ZX6R couple of the dailys I had during the 5 years I lived in Cluj, Romania
  11. Sorry @momo hadnt looked in on this thread in a few weeks as did have much to update, no time no money. But ya you are 100% right they are csl style, actually ordered the wrong ones off ebay but happy mistake as I much prefer these now. Time to stop with the small stuff for a while and focus on getting new wheels, really want a set of 18'' satin Black LM reps ( def cant afford genuine ) and a small drop on the front.
  12. Hi Guys Hoping someone can suggest something I am missing. So on Saturday myself and a friend changed the thermostat in the car as it seemed to be sticking and car was very slow to come up to temp and internal heating wasn't getting very warm ( well not warm enough to be putting the roof down anyway). Should mention the car is a 2003 318i facelift vert with N42 engine. So We drained the coolant system, changed the stat refilled and bleed the system but couldn't get hot air through the vents. Car didnt seem to be over heating so as it was late I set off from home about 15 mins into the journey I stopped off at a petrol station to pump the tyres and check the coolant level, toped it up and waited a while to bleed again this time I got heat through the vents. The journey home took about 20 mins in which time I lost interior heater again. So After many many attempts to remove all the air from the system last night we decided to drain the system and try again from the start using the below method. Coolant Replacement/Bleeding With everything back in place youll need to refill your system with coolant. Its recommended that you use the BMW stuff but i just used the Halfords (G40 i think) mixed 50/50 with distilled water. Before you do anything, put your key in the ignition and turn to pos2. Now turn your heat setting all the way up, and your blowers all the way down. This will open up the thermostat to allow the coolant to flow in the system. With the drain plug now back in position and the expansion tank cap off, completely remove the bleed screw next to the expansion tank: Now with the engine off but key still in pos.2 gradually add your 50/50 mix into the expansion tank until you see coolant coming out of the bleed nipple. As you top up you will see air bubbles leaking from the bleed nipple. The aim is to allow the coolant to settle long enough to allow all this air to escape to prevent an air lock when sealed back up. After 2-3 minutes of topping up coolant and keeping an eye on air coming from the bleed nipple you should see no more bubbles, at which point you should be ok to replace the bleed screw. Top up any extra coolant that you think is necessary to get the level marker in the correct position and allow the engine to run up to temperature. Keep a close eye on your engine temperature dial, and make sure it reaches mid way and stays there. If you see it go over the midway position, switch the engine off immediately and check your levels/redo the bleeding process. Again we got heat from the vents fan cutting in everything seemed good so we left car cool down checked levels and set off from home but yet again lost interior heater. Currently the engine is coming up to temperature nicely, Fan is cutting in at 106 degrees according to the digital temp gauge setting and sits there between 100 - 105/6 even in a queue of traffic on the off ramp. Any help before I go at this again tonight would be much appreciated as it is really starting to fry my brain, I rely on the car to get me to work but just don't have the cash to send it in anywhere at the minute.
  13. So the BAD. Purchased some clubsport splitters from Ebay which were described as new but arrived with scraps from running over kerbs on the underside, not really worth the wait and bother of returning so I am just going to refinish them and move on. The good: so excitement got the better of me so decided to give them a quick test fit with tape in the office carpark and I LOVE them should have been the first thing I ordered. I know there is the dents in the wheel arch and scrapes on the front bumper but am still holding off for better weather to have this done due to road conditions in my area. Was think to finish the front end look: * Silver / lightly smoke Tinted ( show only ;-) plates ) * split lights and paint inner indicator parts But really have to save some penny's for new wheels, while I really like the look of the sport wheels in person the curved spokes make them look really small even for 17". Would love to pick up a set of LM reps and finish in satin black. Also thinking of dying the roof black to tone it in with the rest of the car thoughts????
  14. Few pic's taken outside my friends cafe. We were all down for our AGM and meeting to start planning out this years show for our club VAGE.ie, while this is a VAG owners club in the last few years we have opened the doors to all classic and modified German brands. The Show will be towards the end of the summer in Co.Cork, Ireland but I will post more details for any Irish members as soon as they are confirmed. Also wanted to give a shout out to my friend Paul and all the team at the Greenway Cafe, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland. If anyone finds themselves holidaying in the area do pop in and say hello, Paul is an out and out petrol head and will be happy to chat. Paul started The Cafe and Charity Rebike to gather unwanted and unloved bikes, recondition them and give back to family's, centers and groups were children might never get another opportunity to have a bicycle of there own. http://rebikeireland.ie
  15. Thanks @Daz 330 Cs been having a look on there and seen a few but was more interested in how they would sit on my car with other changes. I know I was saying I am watching the penny's but pulled the trigger on these, guess I am just to impatient to wait for them to arrive :-(
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