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  1. Now I promise not to keep filling this thread with bikes but my own collection of personal project has grown with two new projects to see me through the winter. First up will be the 1999 Fazer 600 as it is the more complete bike and mainly needs service items and a bit of paint. As it stands I think this will be a standard refurb and a bike I will use for ride outs. The other bike is a bit of a basket case and will take a lot of work. Thinking of going kinda cafe racer / flat tracker combo with this as I think standard parts are going to be hard to find.
  2. So for those who were interested in my earlier post about or Mental Health Group Project below is a few update pictures. The project now has an official name and a Logo Ya know ifs official when ya have Facebook and Instagram ( please do pop in and have a look, the more likes and shares we get the quicker we can build awareness ) https://www.facebook.com/MidletonBikeProject/ https://www.instagram.com/midletonbikeproject/?hl=en The RD250 is now complete and ready for her shake down. Progress has already started on the next project a Yamaha Intruder 1500lc. This is going to be more of a custom build than a restoration and will also include a trailer which will tow the above bike to events to help raise awareness.
  3. You need to open a photobucket account and upload your pictures there, once uploaded there is a share icon which will give you a link you can copy and paste into your thread
  4. Keep the build threads alive cant beat a good sit down and read, social media just isn't the same for this type of thing, too hard to track progress on cars you like. This is my first BMW and this is the first BMW site I joined, I spent weeks reading and researching on here when I first got the car and the tips, ideas and inspiration I got have been worth there weight in gold so if my simple little project can inspire someone else well then job done. Brave or foolish its a fine line but didn't have much choice as used parts are much harder to source here never mind for a vert. In the year or so I've had the car I've only seen one used vert interior come up and it wasn't a sport and was rough and expensive. The finish isn't perfect but is good, most would never see the flaws guess its more cause i know they are there. Still a bit more to do here and will be refinishing the seats at some point. With the fall closing in fast my roof is in need of some sealing so have ordered a cleaner / dye / sealer kit for it yesterday so that will prob be the next update.
  5. Popped in to checkout your build after your commented on mine. Love all the oem extras you have added and only wish I could run a supercharged 6 but insurance costs here are to crazy, and paying the high premiums for a car that gets out once or twice a week if i'm luck doesn't really make sence , maybe if i was using it everyday the power might seem more worth the expense. I see your last post was back in December any interesting updates for us since then??
  6. Thanks @kirkynut, Ya im a very impatient person and don't hang about. If I had my way ( and the Budget ) plan would be formed when car is purchased and all parts would be ordered and fitted before it sees road.. Last night I tried out a new detailing product, had seen a lot of online reviews and youtube videos and looked interesting so when it came up on sale in my local halfords I said id give it a go. Now I was skeptical but all I can say is wow wow wow.. I always keep my car clean and has had a good decontaminate wash, full clay bar, machine compound and polish and generous layer of wax which obviously helped. I followed the guides id watched online and gave the car a good wash sprayed the product on all the body worked and dried in with a micro fiber cloth ( was looking good at this point but nothing crazy ) the next step is to spray the car again and use power washer to spread and rinse off this is when things started to get interesting. The water ran off the car in a way I have only seen on professionally applied ceramic coatings before. Once all had been well rinsed I dried the car again with a good quality drying tool and the finish I was left with was so silky smooth and wet looking I was blown away, way beyond anything id ever seen with a regular wax and i've tried many. I don't see this as being a replacement for a full process like outlined above but definitely be keeping a bottle on the shelf for quick in between top ups. It was darkish when finished so didn't get any pics but now cant wait for it to rain so I can see how it beads.
  7. Never came across the facebook page till I seen this thread but please please people keep posting updates I love sitting down with a good build thread. Beautiful M3 and a perfect selection of upgrades, would love to get my hand on one of these some day
  8. A lot to be said for an old car you don't have to worry about the odd scratch on also great fun to bomb down a back road knowing if you end up in a ditch there will be no tears, this is why I also have a 03 focus tdci i paid 300 euro for. Great to see you staying on top of maintenance keeping her the proper drivers car she was meant to be.
  9. nice going, can get all to easy to keep throwing cheap aftermarket parts on a car just so you feel like your making progress ( definitely guilty of this at times myself ) so nice to see you taking your time and saving for quality OEM parts and will definitely stand to the cars value and desirability as she gets closer to her classic years.
  10. So this very week a new spoiler arrived, was very unsure at the started but after a few days its growing on me, big changes always take a while to settle for me. In some of the pics you will also see I have fitted a wind breaker / deflector thingy. All I will say on this is if you own a vert and don't have one order it today, you wont regret it. I have also replaced my gear knob with a nice new weighted one and the shift and handbrake boot have been changed out for new black leather ones to go better with the black dash. So whats next up for my vert: Well my preferred Dent doctor is due to call to remove some car park dings next week and think I have a second hand android head unit lined up. Other than that I may take a break from the mods as am in the process of completely re-furbishing my garage to make it more suitable to use for some winter projects and a bike build I am hoping to start soon.
  11. Now before I look at this weeks work i am going to take a chance to show some pics of how the car is coming together. This is not a show build nor is it big budget or even for anyone else, this a car I always fancied and through research on boards such as this one I formed a picture in my head of how I wanted it to look and we are getting very close.
  12. So all work and no play can make Andrew a very dull boy so on a sunny Sunday ( rare occasion in Ireland ) in July I put the top down and headed off to a local cars and coffee with a friend. Not long after our clubs own annual show came up so wanted the car looking her best and treated her to a deep clean. - rinsed down - used tfr to remove old wax and stubborn stains - washed again and clayed bared - Machined with a light compound followed by a polish and a nice coat of wax. The big day arrived but never once got time to take my camera out so had to steel a few pictures other had taken of my car, A lot of work goes into arranging this show and with Circa 250 cars displaying on the day its a bit hectic running it as a small club but always a great day out.
  13. Next was to get rid of that gaping front arch gap Before I have always liked the hot rod style of nose down ass up so being happy with the rear and keeping in mind this build is being done on a seriously tight budget a set of front lowering springs were ordered, would I have liked coil overs, of course I would but having taken a ride in a few cars with budget coils fitted and finding them very hard for the awful roads around my home and decent known brands were just out of my price range. After At the same time as my springs arrived I also got a package from Keith in kbs autostyling. I absolutely love these sill extensions would even go as far as to say they are my favorite addition to the car so far.
  14. Next up was time to further improve the interior ( bear in mind that these post are one after the other but in reality all these jobs were completed over a few weeks ) Now as you might remember from earlier I was never keen on how the outside of the car was just silver on silver on silver and had been working on breaking it up a bit. Well the interior was even worse, now don't get me wrong the grey interior works very very well against some colors but grey dash, door cards, carpets, seats and roof cover against a silver car was was the original order-er thinking. Before A Weekend was set aside and a mixture of cleaning products, dye and painter were purchased and without really know what I was doing apart from reading some threads and youtube videos I got stuck in.
  15. So First in the line of repairs. Since buying the car the driver seat bolster had a nice hole and a previous bodged repair which annoyed the hell out of me every time I opened the door. I ordered a repair kit from scratch doctor which I have to say was really good a quite simple to use once you take your time. Damaged seat. Repaired seat ( not perfect but a big improvement, i reckon it would have came out a lot better if previous owner had used a kit like this or just left it alone instead of bodging it)
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