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  1. Didn’t say I was a photographer 😂😂
  2. I should have known this 😕 have seen it countless times - thanks either way! As I’m new here I can appreciate how my latest E46 is just OK to some of the stuff that’s on here .. but to me it’s a real BIG deal 🙂 I love this car. My other weekend motor is an F355 Spider and yesterday went to buy a low mileage 996 C4S. The sales guy was really nice - he saw me pull up to his (specialised Lamborghini dealership) and loved the fact I love my E46 and just got focused looking at the Porsche - what impresses him more was the fact that I walked past all the Lambos, straight to the Porsche .. then he showed me his private collection which included one BAD ASS track prepped E36 ... WOW
  3. I’m new on here - where do I start? E46 fanatic?? Not sure - all I know is I’ve had 4 of them in my life: 1 Convertible from new back in the day 2 Coupe run around after falling on hard times and needed something reliable to get me to a new job and back 3 one of my favourites - 330d M Sport Touring (pics will follow) which was unfortunately written off by someone reversing into it. My wife hated it so all of her Christmas’s came in early 4 Current: 325ci convertible - immaculate condition with only 66,000 on the clock So you decide ... a fanatic or just know a good thing when I see one?? PS - does anyone here know what colour this is?
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