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  1. What's an oil pollen filter?! Do you mean the carbon activated ones?
  2. Was gonna go for a PS4 but the lack of DLNA really puts me off. The XBox is just too fking expensive!
  3. Frobius


    Not any more. The F10 and F30 are more efficient in auto guise and cheaper to tax. The 8 speed sport auto in the F10 is incredible. Changes faster than you'd believe for what is basically a normal auto box. So smooth too.
  4. I dunno, I'd be inclined to agree. Xenon bulbs operate at like 15,000 volts or something. That'll be arcing like fook when you drive if it's snapped but just touching enough. Fire risk?
  5. Massively off topic, but I disagree. I think the E36 was one of the worst shaped cars they made. Unless it's an M3 and very oem - I'm thinking Si's evo here, they just don't do it for me. You see far too many that have been chavved up and ruined. The E30 is a classic. Myers they get ruined too but they are still rare as hens teeth!
  6. That'll be the CSL that's had 137 boot lids, 96 front bumpers and 6433 full sets of wheels then!!
  7. Haha, who told you off?!
  8. I'm probably running the risk of becoming the zone grumpy old c*nt who just sits in the corner complaining, but... Putting HIDs in your fogs is for c*nts. If yon do it, you'll be a c*nt - at which point you can go and hang out with all the corsa owning c*nts at the local mcDonalds car park and flash your c*nty lights at each other. Either that or if you just want better light, stick some Philips extreme vision +100% halogen bulbs in, enjoy the better, whiter light and laugh at all the c*nts in the car park playing with themselves. And know that you won't be a c*nt!
  9. Share with the class that story http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=885240 You have to read the linked threads too. Basically, the guy started off by asking how to rig covert blue lights behind his grilles and in his tail lights. "It's only for shows, honest." He gets slated. Then a bit later he comes on asking how to deal with a NIP he's received for street racing. "I wasn't racing, I was just in the wrong place going really fast behind another car that might have been racing me." Gets slated some more, Then to top it all off, someone spots him running a red light at like 80 in a 40 and it's quickly identified as this guys car. As expected, "it wasn't me, yo". But best yet, he then claims that he rents his car out to people all the time yet has no idea who to or how long for. Gets utterly ruined. Well worth a read to be honest. Start with the lights, then the racing, then the nutter thread above.
  10. My money is on, told the Dvla that it was exported (maybe) and then just got some old fake plates off a foreign car and stuck them on. No parking tickets, no tax and no speeding fines. Jail?? Naaaah mate, it's all legit innit bruv!
  11. Well it's pretty bloody obvious that you can't legally do that, otherwise we'd all be at it. Even f you did exactly as you've said and exported the car properly and re-registered it in Estonia where it's insured etc, the very fact you're keeping it in the uk and not actually resident in Estonia means it's illegal. You might get away with it in the short term but I reckon the first time you're stopped, that thing will be seized. How do you plan to prove that you're resident in Estonia and that you've only been in the uk for less than 6 months? As soon as they start unravelling that one, "you're nicked sunshine". Christ, it's almost as bad as that "business edition" guy on E90post.
  12. 'Exported' then registered in Estonia, where it is of course fully taxed and insured?? I don't need emoticons, I don't need sarcasm, I don't need to convey an alternate meaning in what I am about to say: That car is as bent as a nine bob note. Stay very clear and if you see it, I'd suggest reporting t to the police. They'll be very interested in what is basically fraud and would take pleasure in sending it to the crusher. Shame as it's otherwise a nice car. And what's with all this 'Feds' sh*t?? Are you some sort of wannabe American 'gangsta'?? You realise that the term Feds relates to American federal law enforcement agencies, such as the DEA, FBI, ATF etc. A, we aren't American. B, we don't have a federal government, and C, if we did, it would be the NCA you'd have referred to, which clearly aren't going to give a toss about your uninsured, untaxed, R reg BMW being nicked off the street. So that means it was people from a territorial policing team who dealt with your 'mishap'/'insurance scam' - generally just referred to as 'the police'. Grow up ffs and start following the rules.
  13. Glad to hear the ccv seems to have sorted the oil consumption! A quick and easy job for huge gains there! What's going on with the bootlid? That's mental having all those delays! Surely they're in breach of contract or something with it taking so long?!
  14. True. But then most of us learn from our mistakes!!
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