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  1. Yes correct it does look good when clean, but carbon black is a pain to keep nice!!
  2. When i'm out i always try and fined a nice parking place and look what happens
  3. Yes you will love it ,It's great ordering bit's for car just like Xmas .Are you changing your wheels?
  4. Yes i love the shape 'To me the e90 only looks half decent if highly moded !!
  5. Yes thanks ,Took me a long time to decide on this one but love it.
  6. Have you look a your hand brake pads in hub .try that not sure what you mean but they can rattle sum times.
  7. Member from Hampshire ,I have a e46 m3 which i just use high days and holidays, So found a 330ci convertible near me love it nice relaxed drive much different to the m3 . so here are the pictures, was standard but not now
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