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  1. Hi I've changed the water pump and thermostat on my 323i after a over heating episode and now the gauge stays in the middle but the bottom hose and rad don't heat up at all and the top hose goes rock hard and gets really hot. Anyone have any suggestions of what could be going wrong tried to bleed the air a few times to be sure but just keeps doing it.
  2. Hey people my 323i over heated while idling for 20 mins and blew the expansion tank. I've replaced that and changed coolant but after checking car over while idling again I noticed the temp gauge hit top middle and stayed there okay but the radiator stayed cold top and bottom. The thin black pipe across the front got warm but the main rad was stone cold all over. The previous owner has put k seal in it as noticed the copper over spill on old expansion tank, could this have clogged the radiator. Also the fan never came on, I've tried turning the ac on full heat with the engine off but fan still didn't start. There is power going to the connector just wasn't sure how else to check it. Sorry it's a long rambling question.
  3. Hi guys been given this list by a local mechanic as a jobs list for mot. I've got a w reg 323i ive ordered the front control arm bushes and the intake pipes but not sure which bits to order for the upper arm bush and rose bush.
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