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  1. That's crap, just serviced, and now they want £8k to fix it. I had a lorry hit me a few years ago. The approved repairer charged my insurer, Esure £4k. When I took it to another shop later for something else they said it would have cost £800 if Id of paid privately. Go figure.
  2. INPA - Near Chelmsford Essex. Happy to help if you need it, all for the cost of a cuppa!!
  3. I just do it myself now. The cars are of an age where its not worth getting a dealer to do it. Plus, saving money on labour means more for parts!!
  4. The small spolier was standard I think, the larger one, you rarely see was an option I do believe. I looked at a 330ci with the bigger spoiler but thought it looked a bit pony.
  5. Hello, Anyone know if there is a switched 12V power supply in the overhead lights? I'd like to install my dashcam without having to take off trim etc if possible. I know the US spec cars have the homelink garage thing already wired in but that's not on the UK spec cars.
  6. Hello, Decided to change the radiator on the E46 1999 M43 1.8 today, ordered the radiator I'm supposed to need but the one on the car is different. It looks as though its combined with the AC. I has two bars running across the front and for the life of me I cant see how to disconnect it without taking off the AC lines. Is this me being dumb or is this because its a different kind or radiator on the earlier models?
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