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  1. Hello I've been looking into eventually installing Profile Prism Angel Eyes to my e46 coupe 2005 - example shown below which have the sealed xenon projectors. The issue is that I've talked to multiple sellers for more information with some stating the size I should get is 80mm, others saying 106mm yet when I removed the chrome trim which would be behind the halos the size of the inner and outer trim are different sizes as shown below. (left is the outer trim piece that contains the projector) (right is the inner trim piece) The smaller outer trim piece is nearly 90mm, the larger inner trim piece is nearly 110mm, could someone please give me more information on this?
  2. Update - I have manged to get the angel eyes working and found that I'm unable to connect one of the trigger relay wires as a DRL (Daytime Running Light) which is usually connected to an accessories wire.
  3. ngl this guy is legit funny, watched quite a lot of his videos and found it funny how he implied how BMW drivers act and what makes one. xD
  4. Hello I purchased a BMW e46 320cd 2005 m sport recently as from switching from an e90 which was crashed and I'm currently having some issues with it regarding the electrics in the car, I was wondering if someone with a lot more knowledge on the e46 English region could help me for the last issue - btw I say English because there seems to be a different ECU area layout compared to what I have seen many people provide guides on. The first major issue I'm experiencing is that the dashboard doesn't always light up when I have the light setting on side lights or dipped, the dashboard does eventually turn on after a while and is pretty much inconsistent. The next issue is when you turn the indicator on - the indicator lights on the outside work just fine however, on the dash itself it doesn't always work and you cant hear the relay clicking, they do work randomly just like the dash lights. The third issue is that the front headlight indicator is always on within the dash when the light switch is set to off, I have disconnected the halo lights from where ever they were previously connected to which I presume are the side lights. The fourth issue I'm experiencing is that the rear parking sensors dont work exactly, when I put the car into reverse I hear a beep sound for a second or two then it turns off but the sensors never actually work - could this just be that I need to replace the sensors themselves? The last issue is regarding the halo lights themselves, I'm using a wiring harness which I'll link below the diagram for - but basically on my car I don't have an accessories wire which is marked as a red wire with white stripe and yellow tracers, I wired everything up correctly except for not wiring one piece which allows for a fade in and out function - I read online about using a multi-meter to find which wire provides 12v once the engine is turnt on which turnt out to be a green wire with a white stripe I then tested everything but the relay doesn't turn on nor the halo lights themselves. I'll also provide two images below, first to demonstrate how I've seen other BMW's ECU areas are and then secondly how my ECU area is. Angel lights harness diagram - click here for image Typical BMW ECU area - click here for image My ECU area - click here for image Thank you in advance if you guys can help me resolve these issues because the last thing I want to be doing at the moment is taking it to my mechanic to have him rewire the entire car which I know to have happen with a friends e90 due to the alarm going off and windows randomly going up and down for no reason.
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