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  1. Gents Looking for some help please. The interior trim on my coupe is coming loose above where the door closes. What do I use to reattach it? I'm thinking in the long run in case removal is required. Is glue to strong or am I looking for a more tacky adhesive? Any advice and help would be much appreciated. Thanks James
  2. Gents I'm looking to change out the diff oil on my 318Ci. I've been told by Opie oil that I need only need 1L but read somewhere else that I need 2L. How much do I need? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks James
  3. Folks What fluids to you recommend for a 2003 318Ci manual gearbox and the differential? Also, how much do I require for each? As always, any help and advice is much appreciated. Many thanks James
  4. Folks Looking for some help please. My 2003 318Ci is due it's first service under my ownership and has a FBMWSH. I've done a quick search on here and it seems that a 5W-30 oil is the one to go for. What are you guys using and how much do I require? Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks James
  5. Thanks Daz for your help again. Did you have your arches rolled or pulled? Any links to some pictures? James
  6. Gents Sorry for the late response but thanks very much for all your help with this. One final question, what is the maximum width of alloys plus offset that will fit on my E46 without any poke. Is it front 8.5" ET? and rear 9.5" ET45 and what tyre size would you go for with the Sportline springs being fitted? Thanks James
  7. Daz, thanks for the advice. Couple of questions for you about the change of profile from 30 to 35 on the rear alloys. Why is it okay to have a 30 profile as OE but in my situation you say go for a 35 profile? What effect would this have, if any? Also, why does BMW do a lower profile on the rears than the fronts? My coupe has 225/40/18 on the fronts and 255/35/18 on the rears. Sorry for the questions, just trying to increase my limited knowledge on this as it's my first BMW. James
  8. Momo, thanks for that. Will have a read of this when I'm Nightshift tonight!!
  9. Anyone help would be much appreciated. James
  10. Gents Looking for some help please. I quite fancy replacing the MV2's on my coupe with MV4's . The MV4's are: Front - 8" x 19" ET37 Rear - 9" x 19" ET39 The car is currently lowered on Eibach Sportlines. I thought about 225/35/19 for the fronts and 255/30/19 for the rear. What do you think about this choice? Also, what size of spacer would you put on the front with the MV4's? Any comments, thoughts and ideas would be very much appreciated, as I'm fairly new to getting the right stance!! Thanks James
  11. Folks Looking for some help and advice please. I've had the coupe lowered on Eibach Sportlines and want to fit some spacers on the front and back. What size and make of spacers would you recommend? Any help would be much appreciated as I've never used spacers before. Thanks James
  12. Hi momo Thanks for your reply. Having seen pictures of BMW's fitted with Pro-kit and Sportlines, I have to agree with you that the Sportlines do look the better of the two and bring the front down nicely.
  13. Folks The rear springs on my 318Ci Sport are broken and after a phone call to my local BMW Parts Department, it's going to be cheaper to replace them with aftermarket ones than BMW ones. I'm glad that they've broken as I was looking to lower it anyway and this is the excuse I need to justify it to the wife!! It would seem that the way to go is Eibach springs. I have MSport suspension on it and was wondering what difference in height and ride there would be with Sportline and Pro-kit springs. Are there any other makes I should consider or is it Eibach all the way? Do I require adjustable control arms, etc or is there enough scope on the existing setup when it's lowered? Any help and advice would be much appreciated as always Thanks James
  14. Folks First post and looking for some help and advice from your knowledgeable BMW people!! Just gone and bought a 2003 318Ci for the wife and it's due an Inspection 2 service next. From what I can find, the Inspection service is: Oil and filter change. Cabin filter change. Air filter change. Spark plug change. Is this everything included in an Inspection 2 service? It also requires a brake fluid plus coolant change. Now, I'm a tight Scotsman who likes to buy his own parts and I tend to buy from Carparts4less or Eurocarparts, as I'm not going to pay BMW prices!! So, my many questions are: How much oil do I require and what would you recommend? What spark plugs would you recommend? What volume of brake fluid do I require? What volume of coolant do I require and what would you recommend? Is it worth flushing the system? When does the fuel filter get changed? When does the gearbox fluid get changed and what would you recommend? When does the diff fluid get changed and what would you recommend? Are there any other websites you would recommend for service parts? The car has a documented FBMWSH and only has 43K miles on the clock. The plan is to keep the cat for the long term, so as this is the first service with me, I want my garage to carry out a full and comprehensive service on it. Should I be replacing anything else while it's in the garage? Any thoughts, advice and comments would be much appreciated. Thanks in anticipation. James
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