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  1. E46 330d projectcar

    I cant do it with inpa program?
  2. E46 330d projectcar

    This is something you can do by yourself? Or have to have the tunner do it?
  3. Hi.. I am planning to build my engine up to 250hp..seeing on youtube some get there with stock parts.. I will do egr delete, cat delete, custom stainless manifold and exaust, ported head, stiffer valve springs, new gasket, bolts, complete servise, big ass intercooler, stainless intercooler piping, wather/methanol injection, i got a chance ti get almoust new gt1752turbo.. Probably new injectors.. Some say that 535d will fit? I am planning to have this car and this engine so please dont say buy 3.0d
  4. E46 330d projectcar

    Hi.. The injectors fits? The ecu runs them?