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  1. I have a strange and slight issue with my central locking. 318ti 2004. The drivers door opens fine with the key in the door but not with the the button. The passenger side unlocks with the button. Also when locking the car, both doors lock with the button but it’s just the drivers side that won’t open using it all of a sudden. Before today it used to be the other way round but I could press it again to open the passenger door. But now it won’t open the driver side. I’m sure I can hear the usual nose like it’s trying to open. So it locks fine but just doesn’t open. Also when inside the car and I press the auto locking button in the centre console, it opens the passenger door but not the drivers.
 Very strange and would appreciate any advice.
  2. Anybody know of the easiest/best way to hook up my iphone to the car instead of installing an Aux wire? Would love to be able to connect via bluetooth. My 318ti E46 Compact has the phone cradle by the handbrake, button on the centre, button on the steering wheel and the shark fin aerial.... any help would be great. Thanks
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