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  1. Got the car back today, software was corrupt throwing the fuelling etc out. Specialist has reflashed the ECU and its perfect now
  2. Hey, I purchased a cheap 320d SE Auto on 115k and have hit a brick wall with an issue. When I got the car I knew that the idle was rough and almost too low (sat around 600rpm with around 100rom fluctuation). When revving in neutral and letting off, the car would drop to 500rpm ish and nearly stall. The rough idle remained no matter what gear (P, N D & R). I took the car to a local garage and they did an MOT and full service (car is great, just this issue) but after getting the car back the issue was worse. When driving around and letting off the accelerator, the rpm would drop instantly and almost stall before rising back up to 1k ish and stabilising. The engine was also 'clicking' alot more and the whole car was shaking and vibrating giving it the 'agricultural' tractor feel. The garage took the car back and have replaced some vacuum hoses which has improved it slightly (they say) but still know there is the same issue happening. Looking at the paperwork with the car, 15k miles ago (early 2018) the car had various work completed and a note to check the vibration. The garage I'm using has had the car for a few days and had 5 mechanics looking and cannot see whats wrong. In my (short) ownership and the previous, the following work has been carried out to try and fix this: Full major service Some vacuum pipes replaced Both gearbox mounted replaced (@100k) Drive belt, and crank shaft pulley / belt replaced (@100k) Diagnostic scans (nothing logged) Injector test carried out (everything looks good) All engine mounts etc checked and okay'd Split turbo pipe replaced (@100k) I've seen plenty of posts regarding this issue, but none with a clear cut answer. The car is going to a BMW Specialist with genuine software which may show something but it's a long shot. Anything else I could tell the mechanics to check over? The guys have said the car ran fine and didn't seem to be misfiring, the emissions were too clean to even record on the MOT etc and they said theres nothing to believe its a gearbox issue. My list of research items suggests (but the car has been checked now by two garages who I expect have already checked): ICV Fuel rail pressure sensor Gearbox fluid level Crankshaft sensor Fan off centre Torque converter