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  1. Here is a picture https://photoland.io/i/26Xn7m Wouldn't let me upload on here. Thanks Guys.
  2. Hello all, sorry to make my first post a technical help question, but need some help. Yesterday I replaced my alternator which was kaput, which all went smoothly, whilst I was under the bonnet, I thought I'd take a look at the EGR valve as I'd had trouble starting before, and somebody had mentioned this may be the culprit. Took it off, and sure enough it was absolutely chock full of thick carbon, so gave it all a good clean with some meth spirits, and some scraping fixed it all back together, she started up lovely. Straight away I could smell a burning smell, but being as my drive goes up the side of the house, chalked it up to me smelling the exhaust. Went for a drive, and there was no boost at all. The turbo didn't make any noise and car felt very under powered. Upon reaching home, popped the bonnet to see if I'd knocked a pipe whilst working on it, and see this wire which has melted the entire plastic cover right above the EGR valve. Had a EML come on, (Not read code yet), and it seems very sooty around the area, not sure if that is from the melting plastic or exhaust gasses escaping. Any help appreciated.