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  1. Hi, This is my old car! Do you still have it?? I had it from new and put 58000 miles on it from Sept 2002 to Aug 2006. Was originally my company car and ordered options as a factory order via lease plan using Synters in Nottingham. I wanted red leather but it was cancelled as an option so changed it at the last minute to the blackberry. Been hooked on BMs ever since and nothing I owned compared to the manual 330i feel since. It actually had an engine fault on it at 30000 miles and BMW replaced the cylinder heads under warranty so interested that you took top half of engine off. Just a service or something more sinister?? Also interesting looking at leather after 14 years. It was a more vivid plum colour when I owned it although those side boulsters were beginning to show some wear. Love to hear if you still got or not?? John
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