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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me with this one, its quite a weird one, and I am surely missing something basic, here it goes. I own a E46 M3, it came with Nav and HK. I decided to buy a xtrons unit, they recommend me to buy the CT53-BM01 connects2 module because of the HK amp, the issue seems I don't get how you connect this, it seems to be something you would put in the middle of the long cable coming from the front, you would connect it to cable coming from the front and then the other end(which is ISO???) you would connect back to the quad lock that comes from the back of the car that in turn connects to the HK amp, thus having the connects intercept this connection. The issue seems the CT53-BM01 module only has 1 quad lock connection, so no matter where I connect it I cant connect anything else to it. Have any of you guys installed this module? Thanks
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