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  1. I’ll definitely go for a retrokit or something like that then. I don’t want to blind anyone. There’s a local bmw specialist who repairs e30’s, e36’s and e46’s so I’ll call them and ask if they can help me code the LCM. If they can I will choose that. Thanks for the help guys
  2. Alright thanks for the tip. but still, when i search for the retrofits i get so many results and i really don’t know which is the best pick, and what set i need a relay for or not. I don’t want an error on my dash :/
  3. Hi guys, my name is Jordy van de Ven and I own a BMW E46 318ci from 2002. I am 17 years old and native Dutch. I work in machining and like to build things myself, especially on cars. I've always had a love for cars, but BMW caught my eye early on. As a kid I would always play with my BMW toy cars, and all of my family members drive BMW aswell so I think that is where the early love came from. From the moment I turned 17 I baught my first BMW, the e46 I currently own. Did some maintenance on the car, and I am now planning on swapping the n46b20 for an m54b30 so that I can enjoy the daily drive a little bit more. Also want to buy a second e46 for drifting, and maybe trade my daily e46 for an e30 in the future.
  4. Hi guys, i want to replace the halogen headlight bulbs on my e46 pre facelift coupe from 2002 with xenon ones. The only problem is that i have no clue how to choose what i need for it. Can i just buy H7 xenon bulbs and plug n play? Or do i need some sort of relay or converter in between? Any recommended sets? I was looking at GP Thunder xenon lights but i dont know if it fits my car though. Thanks for your help
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