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  1. I have one, took it out of my E46 before i sold it. PM if interested
  2. Yeah, going for MOT on Friday and then keep it for i while i think
  3. Heard about this 318i from a friend of mine. Its been stood for about a year but a quick blast with a pressure washer and it looks like this... Its a 2001 318i SE, 117k Miles with FSH and the bodywork is excellent, i well chuffed. The only things i think it needs is, all 4 brakes need unseizing and rear window has come off its runners. So Brakes next weekend and put in for MOT...
  4. Mines up for sale, just sold my E46 so is no longer needed. PM me if your interested
  5. I took my saloon headlights apart at the weekend, and on mine they just unclipped and lifted off, very easy. Would these be the same?
  6. This weekend i managed to install the headlight projectors and shrouds. Came as a kit with Projectors, Shrouds, H1 HID Bulbs and Ballasts, and fittings. Pretty easy to fit, and gives a clear beam pattern Also had 2 rear tyres fitted today, and had a 4 wheel alignment. The difference is unreal, car tracks straight and true and hopefully my tyres will last longer now Don't really know what the next mod will be really, hopefully if i get enough spare cash i'll go for a remap. Will have to wait a few weeks as i will be moving house next week and can see that taking up all my spare time and cash. Hope you like so far though.
  7. Retro fitted projectors into my halogen headlights, looks so much better now
  8. I bought them on ebay as a friend recomeneded them, item number 300764443432
  9. Just a minor update, had problems with the propshaft recently. The rubber guilbo turned out to be knackered and the centre mount bearing didn't look great either, so decided to replace both but when I was trying to remove the prop from the diff, the CV joint at the end fell apart. So a quick call to Cotswolds and they supplied a new propshaft joint to go with the new centre mount and front guilbo. Pleased to report no more problems with propshaft now. Car is now looking fresh again thanks to Rye St Coachworks in Haverhill, they've done a brilliant job although i still have problems with the passenger mirror and a couple of flat spots have appeared in the last 2-3 weeks from the polishing i think New Paint... Also ordered some Xenons last week, so will update again when i fit them
  10. Can you get a pair of mole grips or mini stilson's round the bolt?
  11. I will also mention that the rubber air intake boot was severely split on inspection, and there was also burning fail's on cylinders 1, 2, and 3 originally before i cleared the codes
  12. Hi all, Friends car has been running rough recently so went over and did a code read and came back with the following faults... Car struggles to start, but misfires when running and smells rich from the exhaust? Is it the Vanos failing or could it be something else?? Cheers for any help... Ed.
  13. As above, the 306 turbo diesel is a bloody good car for what it is, they take alot of abuse and rack the miles up easily. But i wouldn't sell an E46 to own one though
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