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  1. Interesting. If this is a commonly held opinion, perhaps I should be searching for one of those as well! Cheers for the input
  2. Hi all, My name's Jack and I make Youtube videos about fun/interesting affordable driver's cars. I'll attach a link to my latest video below. I'm currently in search of a clean example of a petrol, ideally manual E46 330 to feature in a video. The video would essentially ask the question "Is the E46 330 the best/cheapest way into a RWD driver's car?". I'd require 3 or so hours with the car on a weekend to capture lots of nice beauty shots, drive it a little, and perhaps also film a short Q&A with the owner on what it's like to live with (provided the owner is happy to be on camera). If you're an E46 owner based in the south of England and you'd potentially be interested in you and your car featuring in one of my videos, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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