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  1. Got some more pics from rear angle devil 666 please
  2. Got some more pics from another angle bud looks lush
  3. Hi guys just about to put new topmounts onto my new jom coilovers does the washer/spacer that is with nut fit below the topmount and the the nut bolts on top or does the washer and nut both go on top and nothing below topmount other than spring plate thanks guys
  4. Hi again can you remember when putting the topmount on the jom front shock did the nut and washer go on to bolt topmount up or did washer go underneath and just the nut bolts up the mount weird question i no lol
  5. Can you remember if you used longer wheel nut bolts on back for your spacers ian as iv tried 5mm with standard nuts the do up ok but some rekon you should use longer ones mark
  6. Yeah i think im gonna get 5mm for rear just wondering if ill get away with standard wheel nuts or whether i will need longer ones for 5mm spacers Ian thank you so much for taking the time to reply ill keep you posted with how i get on
  7. Thanks mate i redone the rears this afternoon exactly as you done yours did you have spacers on rear i had to remove my 12mm spacers as when kids was in back the tyres were rubbing well bad and im thinking of doing fronts myself the only thing i worried about is undoing the top mount nut as the centre spins i believe mark
  8. Wicked thanks ian did you fit the rubber bump thing back on or leave off
  9. Hi guys has anyone got jom coilovers fitted to there e46 cab? Are the rear adjusters fitted at top or bottom heard 2 different things iv fitted them to top but you cant get to adjuster so thinking they must go at bottom do you remove rubber as i have at top
  10. So adjusters go at the bottom he claims they go at top which cant be as you cant get to them to adjust them
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