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  1. Hi my roof stopped working at the weekend and I had the red flashing light by the switch. Reading the forums everybody said the culprit was likely to be the loom where the first bend is above the passengers head. As per the photo that’s exactly what mine was. Carefully open up the loom and I soldered the brown wire together. Wrapped it in insulating tape (needs a better long term fix). And it works ! Apologies if this hasn’t been posted before but I read so many forums where the solution isn’t posted. Cheers Craig
  2. Hi all. I’m Craig from Portsmouth. 46 year old, married dad of two. Had my blue 330ci for a little over a year now and done a lot to it, maintenance wise. I’m a Finance Manager but do pretty much everything on cars and have done forever. I love this car and plan to have it a long time and make it as mint as I can. Also run a Triumph TT600. Happy to be here and have used the forum a fair bit over the past year.
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