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  1. Yeah that was a generic Bluetooth reader and the torque app on my phone. I've just been installing the bimmergeeks software on my laptop as i actually had a cable to hand. I'll try my hand with inpa and see what says , cheers
  2. Hi , so i recently purchased myself a 2004 318 CI ES beautiful condition with low mileage the only problem i could see with the car was the check engine light. I didn't have chance to check codes before i purchased but the car was a bargain so i took a gamble that it wasn't too serious as it drove great. I'm not new to DIY car repair i've always diagnosed and repaired my own cars where possible but when i have tried to research these codes i have struggled to find any potential causes so i thought id see if anyone here can shed any light. The codes stored are U0030 - vehicle area network VAN data bus A open circuit U1050 - SCP invalid or missing data for brakes U0139 - Lost Communication with Suspension Control Module B# U1040 - Data Bus: body control module 8CM- no communication U101B - Lost Communication With GSM – Multiple Bus so all these codes sound to me like they are down to some sort of faulty control module or maybe wiring? i initially cleared the codes and they stayed clear for a couple of days but then all codes came back at once so i have left them be since. I really dont know where to start with this and would appreciate any input from you kind folk . Thanks Ben EDIT: Scanned car with inpa codes are s follows 2A61 - DME: valvetronic, adaptation 1 2A67 - DME valvtronic Internal fault 2C9C - DME: oxygen sensor heator before cat.1 2D0F - DME: Hot fim air mass-sensor signal 2C6D - DME: oxygen sesnor behind cat.1 aging 2C71 - DME: oxygen sesnor behind cat. 1 Right so it looks like i need myself a new valvetronic motor , replaceement rocker cover gasket to fix that slight leak and also a new O2 sesnor. anyine got any advise on how difficult it is to replace that motor for the average DIY mechanic? 2A61 DME: Valvetronic, adaptation 1
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