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  1. I'm not camping but will be up on the e36/e46 owners club stand. It'll be good to catch up with some old members as usual.
  2. Cheers mate, with the engine running theres a tad more lock also! It is a fun car to drive! I'm personally not bothered about my plate being on show.. Wish I didn't have a front plate on though as I MAY have got caught speeding on the way up haha
  3. I didn't realise how burnt I got until I got home haha! Good to see the old faces, and the new, although I only spoke to a couple of other people and didn't catch their names!
  4. For anyone interested, show and shine is definitely just filling in a form upon arrival. They confirmed on facebook.
  5. Haha yeah.... I'll meet you at the show lol
  6. Haven't decided yet mate. Probably e36, dark blue on spaced e39 style 32s, number plate P567 KAK otherwise black 350Z, quite loud, number plate S18 NUG. Where abouts are you going from? And what time? Don't know if I can be arsed to leave too early! Oh and I'm not going to 'wash' mine, it's only a drift slag. Might run the pressure washer over her to get all the bird s**t off
  7. I shouldn't get stuck if I bring the e36 with the welded diff..
  8. Wow some people pay a lot. I'm only 22 and just renewed my car insurance, £297 for my e36 328 drifter and £333 for my 350Z, Admiral multi-car policy.
  9. So.... Not been on the forum for ages but thought I'd see who's going. I'll be there but not sure what in yet! Either my e36 drifter, my 350Z or my mates charged vx220... What's the deal with the stand? Anyone welcome? Don't want to intrude as despite being on here a long time, I don't currently have an e46! Oh and I'm coming from Southampton, not sure what time we're leaving yet but love a good convoy
  10. To add to the above, the tyres will look a little baloony. Personally for those wheels I'd go with something like 225/40/18 front and 255/35/18 rear. If the rears scrub at all on the arches, just roll the lips slightly. Should be ok though.
  11. You can get adapters on eBay/amazon for under a fiver mate. I bought one for my e36 thinking it had a diagnostic port in a similar place to the e46s, but it doesn't!
  12. I have S18 NUG on my car and S21 NUG on my bike. Sort of a waste of money at the moment as I get through quite a few cars/bikes and have to pay the £80 transfer fee quite a bit
  13. SamN

    Rear Spacers

    Never assume....... 15mm spacers would be fine. I'd personally go 20mm but you may need a slight arch roll. All depends how low you go too!
  14. As Si says rust is an issue, the drains often get blocked (behind the seats in the corners of the roof) which hold water, which in turn make the sills rust. They rust from the inside out so if you can see anything on the outside, it's worse in the inside. Not trying to scare, just making you aware of it
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