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  1. 320d stalls frequently at below 1k rpm in the summer weather, could be a fuel injector or fuel pump issue. Today however I went for a drive for the first time since August and it didn't stall at all, even when left idling for 10 mins. Could it be the colder weather that's preventing the car from stalling?
  2. Thanks I sorted it, got quoted around £100 to get new key but found spare key fob, replaced battery and it opened. Fitted new barrel the next day. Have been using the fob since.
  3. key fob stopped working months ago, central locking on door lock barrel has been working up until recently - have ordered a new replacement barrel. dealership provide new key for £160. Hope there is someone that can help on a budget, is there a recommended key fob repair service? I've seen blank diamond keys available, is this something a locksmith can cut? Otherwise where would you recommend to to get a 2nd working second keyfob? Thanks
  4. Thanks! Went for a 30 mile run and at some point on the way back I didn't even notice the DDE light had turned off. I've cleared all codes and just have the one glow plug error: "Error 4203 Glow Control Unit". I might tackle this following the crank pulley, which glow plug controller part do you recommend? I've got various quotes for crank pulley replacement: In addition to belts assume I need to get a new bolt too. The pulley itself ranges anything from £100 to £300 on Eurocarparts using the reg number plate as a reference. can get the Corteco "80000374" or Febi Bilstein "26741" for a good price on amazon. The only BMW part no. I found was 11237805696 - if anyone can help me to verify part nos to suit a 2002 320d auto, I'd be most grateful. I will try to dig out the broken item from the undertrays to investigate part nos. Cheers
  5. Thanks something happened... I don't know what, maybe it took a while for the fuel to prime. Refitted newly recharged battery and turned key, non-start so I sprayed EZ start and it ran for 1 second. Then I tried starting 10 seconds later and it idles. Drove it and it didn't stall. Stopped and cleaned MAP sensor. Plugged in INPA to get readings but it wouldn't start again. unplugged INPA and turned the key and it started... it almost felt like the OBD plug had a part to play in preventing starting? Then plugged in INPA whilst engine running and got readings. healthy 302-305bar rail pressure and 268-280 mg/Hub air mass. Then drove to motor factors and emptied a bottle of Comma Diesel Magic followed by 20 litres of Shell V Power Diesel. Drove around for 20mins and in summary today it was much smoother, no stalling most importantly. All being well, I can take it for an early MOT to determine whether it's worth spending more time and money on. plan to move onto the crank pulley next... Has anyone fittted a second hand BMW item? New part is £200+. Local indi estimates approx. £350 parts and labour. Could be more if I get new belt/s if required. I've heard it's labour intensive to DIY with the high torques involved. Cheers
  6. problem car won't start now since replacing fuel filter - see INPA screenshot rail pressure and air mass values are lacking. I have tried using EZ start, primed system using ignition on/off over 20x + and swapped fuel pump relay over, no difference. was keen to get "selective mass adjustment" values for injectors. Now charging battery again as it's gone flat. The only other thing I did was clean the MAF with Liqui Moly Air Flow Sensor Cleaner. If the MAF was broken, would the engine still start if MAF was unplugged?
  7. Many thanks, Just got a free Carly Diagnostic Report... 42 codes in total. Not sure if I should pay £55 a year for it, alternatively I could get a handheld icarsoft device for £80 one-off or dig out my old cableshack cable this weekend and setup the laptop. Anyway here are the engine motor specific codes the Engine / Motor Fault Code: 004203 Fault Explanation: glow plug Fault Code: 004212 Fault Explanation: Glow plug cylinder 1 Fault Code: 004222 Fault Explanation: Glow plug cylinder 2 Fault Code: 004232 Fault Explanation: Glow plug cylinder 3 Fault Code: 004242 Fault Explanation: Glow plug cylinder 4 Fault Code: 0043F1 Fault Explanation: electric heater Fault Code: 004AB2 Fault Explanation: electric heater Fault Code: 004560 Fault Explanation: (3002) rail pressure plausibility quantitative control Fault Code: 004570 Fault Explanation: Rail pressure plausibility quantitative control Fault Code: 004610 Fault Explanation: Rail pressure plausibility pressure control Fault Code: 004B90 Fault Explanation: Rail pressure monitoring at engine start Fault Code: 004423 Fault Explanation: Injector cylinder 2 Fault Code: 004433 Fault Explanation: Injector cylinder 3 Cheers
  8. 1. Thanks, you're right it's the crank pulley sheared, I don't have sight of the car until this weekend but I know that half the pulley is still attached and the other half is lodged in the engine bay. 2. & 4. which software/ cables do you use? I have bought Carly for an e85 Z4 3.0, I will see if this is compatible for use with the 320d to read codes asap. It's a lovely looking car, I hope I can read the codes to get a clear understanding of what's involved, think I'd enjoy learning about it, but don't want too much £ :-) 3. Understood, I have worked on diesel injectors on an Alfa/ GM 1.9 TD - it wasn't straightforward getting the injectors out initially as they were seized, but once they're out it's easy. Might be worth getting a good indi to resolve the issue. Cheers
  9. Hi all, I have inherited a 2002 320d auto saloon from a family member, and am looking to price up the costs of repair. I can DIY some jobs, but wondering if it's worth doing or selling it as a project as it stands. It has the following: PENDING FIX CORTECO PART NO: 80001996: COMPRISING OF 1 x Belt Pulley, crankshaft (Article №: 80000374) & 1 x Bolt Set, crankshaft pulley (Article №: 80001267) 1. aux-belt pulley sheared-off - the pulley has broken away so the air-con has been disabled. TEMPORARY FIX - NEW BOSCH FUEL FILTER ... STALLING RETURNED AFTER 1 DAY FIXED WITH REPLACEMENT FUEL RAIL PRESSURE SENSOR ON FRONT OF RAIL - 2. sometimes it stalls when pulling away from a standstill, no matter how smoothly, previous owner said he would down-shift in manual mode when to reduce likelihood of stalling when pulling away. 3. warm-start problem - starts from cold and hot fine but for example I started it to move in the driveway, switch off, then it won't start again. According to previous owner it starts on ez start. FUEL & DRIVE Filled up with Shell V Power and Comma Diesel Magic then went for a 30 mile drive 4.a DDE light displayed DE-COKED (JET-WASH) INLET MANIFOLD, CLEANED EGR, MAF AND MAP, SWIRL FLAP DELETE 4.b - and feels down on power. 5. needs new window regulator & final-stage resistor / hedgehog I have read DIY guides and think I can resolve 5. myself for around £100 of parts. Any idea how much 1-4 will cost to fix at an indie or DIY in parts? Many thanks
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