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  1. cheers, just wanted some opinions to see if i was in the ballpark, im not expecting an excellent job at the price, just enough to give it a refresh really.
  2. Hi All, new to the forum. So i have a sienna red e46 in the garage, It was bought new by my grandfather in 2001. The car has 45,000 miles on it and is mechanically very sound (being an m43, it would have a cheek not to be!) the interior is also as new. Nice spec (apart from the engine). The only down side to the car is the body work, has a small (1 pence piece) rust bubble on the offside rear arch, some lacquer peel on the offside A-pillar and some car park dents. so i'd like to get it refreshed, just a blow over really, im planning to completely strip and rebuild the car myself and have the glass removed. Im looking to spend 2.5k at the bodyshop, is this achievable? i know this may sound stupid, even at that price its probably 3 times the value of the car, being a 318, but it means rather a lot to me. let me know what you think.
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