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  1. I am starting to get really frustrated with this now lol i have changed the following parts all 4 coils and plugs both cam sensors VVT motor both timing solenoids It still idles poor on start up then you rev it a bit and it corrects its self I was recommended to change to the new timing chain tensioner and change the oil again but i stumped now
  2. Hi all New to this forum but looking for peoples help that may know more than me on this So i my e46 has started to run lumpy on idle since replacing the two cam sensors as it flagged up on the diagnostic, its actually running worse than before. These are the four codes its now flagging.... P0340, P0366 i know there both to do with the cam sensors or wiring and P0011 and P0115 which i am pretty sure is due to the vanos solenoids When i cleaned up the engine bay where all these sensors are the vanos solenoids did actually move as i took the support brackets of each to clean up all the gunk. Any input and advice would be awesome
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