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  1. I have a 2006 bmw 330i and it’s been sitting in my garage. It drove pleasant for a bit but it had a clicking sound when it drove and one time there was once some smoke from underneath the hood and a burning smell. I then let the car take a seat for a couple days and I’m now not certain how the automobile is on gasoline or oil because I’m new to motors and simply received it so if all and sundry may want to help that would be extensively appreciated. Now when I insert the key fob and press the start button it try’s to begin but without delay turns off. No lights flash besides the headlights and the key light on dash. https://curiouspin.com/ It occurs warm or cold. The vehicle will simply not crank. I have put a clean starter and solenoid but nevertheless does it once in a while. I cant discern it out, the excellent aspect is that I can soar start it, by using both pushing the automobile or jumper cables. Or I can also wait and all at once it just works. Check the battery connections and tighten them with a spanner if necessary. Remove any corrosion with a wire brush; a bad earth connection can result in inadequate voltage at the spark plugs, therefore a weaker spark and slow starting. https://curiouspin.com/dj-khaled-net-worth/ Also, appear for leaks around the fuel injectors and get a professional to check the fuel stress and fuel pump — a problem with either ought to imply gasoline is now not being injected into the cylinders properly. If none of that helps, the fault should be electrical, requiring a full diagnostic check at your dealership or a BMW specialist. BMW may not start! Nothing occurs when you press the START button or turn the key? https://www.pinterest.com/pin/794392821752600452/ Symptoms of BMW no begin problems fluctuate and vary from yellow exclamation mark on the dashboard to clicking when you press start or you may also even hear countless clicks. In many cases, BMW will not begin when it is cold, lights and radio work but the engine nonetheless would not start. BMW might also no longer begin even with a leap start. In this guide, we are going to look at some of the most frequent issues that can stop a BMW from starting and viable methods that you can troubleshoot or fix these problems yourself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Sandler Symptoms BMW no beginning signs and symptoms can vary. Here are some of the most common signs you may additionally ride if your BMW might not start. Pushing START will no longer start the engine Adam Sandler Net Worth BMW won't begin all lights are useless / off You insert the key and nothing happens BMW engine may not flip over, makes a clicking noise Car may not start after altering the battery BMW may not start suggests an exclamation mark BMW might not begin in cold weather EML Light On, BMW refuses to start BMW lights flashing, no start BMW won't start suggests key symbol on the dashboard
  2. very beautiful car ..my uncle already have this car..amazing functionality ..great.
  3. donfloyd

    2013 BMW X5

    Rear tailgates have been known to creak and might require a new latch to stop this. The rear-view camera (where fitted) can stop working and could also require a new unit to solve the problem
  4. yes .. x3 work very fine. my aunt use this car working perfectly.
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