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  1. OK that's cool, there are a million and one different rims I could go with..... but I want to just keep it original. The alloy wheel refurb shop told me these are quite rare as genuine items (which these are, with their BMW stamps and markings) apparently there are many fakes around. I'm happy with the car just how it is though.
  2. What a lovely day today! I've been out and photographed my new purchase and it gives me great pleasure to share those pics with you now. I am in love with it, on this my second day of ownership, I drove it back to Norwich from Kent yesterday and it never missed a beat. Look closely and you will see that the alloys are in a terrible state; corroded, pitted, kerbed, scratched.... AWFUL. I knew this before I bought it, and it is first on my list of jobs to do on the car - I've already been and had a repair quote today. Anyway, the photos.....(those tyre marks are NOT mine, BTW!)
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