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  1. I recently installed a 4 channel amp myself on my bmw e 46 convertible, im not a pro and dont have vast knowledge about audio installation but managed well and researched what i could. The installation went well, used the 4 rca outputs from my aftermarket headunit, have a good ground on bare metal etc, connected my sub up and sounded really good, everything fine no issues. So then I thought I may aswell amp the rear speakers too and done so but may have got the + and - on the amp confused and when i turned the car on the speaker i attached made an odd noise so turned off car immediately. Once i turned the car on no speakers worked, disconnected amp and no speakers work, amp works fine turns on sub works fine for the bass but no sound. Thought the speakers may have blown but re amped the speaker i did previously and it worked fine, so i am co fused as to what could have happened and how to fix it. Any help is appreciated. Thankyou
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